Stanford Libraries to Provide DataCite DOIs

April 10, 2018
Dr. Amy E. Hodge
DataCite logo

Stanford Libraries is happy to announce our new membership with the non-profit organization DataCite. DataCite provides persistent identifiers known as DOIs (digital object identifiers) for research data and other digital materials. Because of this new partnership, the Libraries will now be able to provide DOI services to the entire Stanford campus, including to groups like SimTK. A DOI service will help us to support diverse needs to make research outputs and other digital materials persistently available in a way that meets the specific requirements implemented by some funding agencies and publishers. 

The new service is an excellent complement to the Libraries’ existing Stanford Digital Repository (SDR) service, which provides discovery, access, and preservation of scholarly materials of all types, including research data from scientists and scholars across campus. “The addition of DOIs to the Stanford Digital Repository will allow the Libraries to better serve the entire campus community,” said Manager of Digital Library Product and Service Management Hannah Frost. “The DOI service will enable us to reach our full potential as a core component of Stanford’s IT infrastructure and research information ecosystem.”

While we anticipate this service to evolve over time to include more automation and closer integration with the Stanford Digital Repository, we now have the ability to create individual DOIs upon request for members of the Stanford community. For those with a need for large quantities of DOIs, research groups will be able to get subscriptions for individual accounts under the Libraries’ membership. These individual accounts allow access to an API (application programming interface) that will make creation of many DOIs by the research group itself much easier. “Stanford Libraries has been instrumental in enabling our data sharing platform,, to provide DOIs for all deposited data,” said Chris Gorgolewski, Co-director, Stanford Center for Reproducible Neuroscience. “Thanks to the DataCite API, we are able to mint identifiers automatically not only for individual datasets, but also their versions.”

For more information on the new service and how you can get a single DOI or set up an account for your research group, please visit our website or contact us at