Announcing the ArcLight Phase II work cycle kickoff

August 19, 2019

Last week, contributors from five institutions – Stanford University, Duke University, Indiana University, University of Michigan, and Princeton University – kicked off a collaborative nine-week work cycle for ArcLight. The work cycle, which runs from August 13 to October 11, 2019, will build on the ArcLight MVP implementation from 2017, and focuses on refining ArcLight’s usability and accessibility, addressing strategic needs in a community-based project. Major areas for this work cycle include:

  • Usability and accessibility refinements, including potential design changes
  • Revamping the tools used for indexing archival description into ArcLight’s Solr index
  • Analysis and implementation supporting better integration with request management systems, digital object viewers, and more

You can follow our work on the #arclight channel on the Code4Lib Slack team or the GitHub project board for the current work cycle. We expect to release public demo videos on YouTube, and will share them on Slack as well as the arclight-community Google Group to report on our progress. The work cycle’s conclusion coincides with the 2019 Blacklight Summit, to be held in Durham, North Carolina from October 9-11.

The project team for the current work cycle includes: 

  • Dev Team: Sean Aery (Duke), Lea Ann Bradford (Notch8 on behalf of Indiana), Chris Beer (Stanford) Christina Chortaria (Princeton), Bill Dueber (Michigan), Gary Geisler (Stanford), James Griffin (Princeton), Jessie Keck (Stanford), Gordon Leacock (Michigan), Jack Reed (Stanford; tech lead), Nikitas Tampakis (Princeton), Esty Thomas (Michigan), Camille Villa (Stanford; scrum master), Jennifer Vine (Stanford)
  • Product Owners: Max Eckard (Michigan), Julie Hardesty (Indiana), Regine Heberlein (Princeton), Noah Huffman (Duke), M.A. Matienzo (Stanford, lead product owner), Chris Powell (Michigan), Josh Schneider (Stanford)
  • Steering/Advisory Group: Esmé Cowles (Princeton), Tom Cramer (Stanford), Michelle Dalmau (Indiana), Jon Dunn (Indiana), Jim Halliday (Indiana), Will Sexton (Duke), John Weise (Michigan)