Stanford Digital Repository supports campus Open Access needs

October 19, 2021
Amy E. Hodge
Home page for the SDR online deposit application

Stanford’s Open Access (OA) Policy, approved by the Faculty Senate in November 2020, established the Stanford Digital Repository (SDR) as the home for open access articles at Stanford. Over the past year, Stanford Libraries has created and released an improved web application for depositing content into the SDR. With this new application, it's now easier for any Stanford depositor  -- faculty, post-docs, and students alike -- to take advantage of open access features such as ORCID iDs and DOIs, and to make your OA articles available under an open license.

An ORCID iD is a persistent ID that you own and control, and that distinguishes you from every other researcher. By including ORCID iDs when you publish content in the SDR or with a traditional publisher, apply for a grant, serve as a reviewer for a journal, or contribute in any way to the scholarly ecosystem, you'll be much more likely to get credit for the work you do. SDR depositors are now able to include ORCID iDs for all individual authors and contributors associated with the works they deposit.

Screenshot of the ORCID entry in the SDR self-deposit form

DOIs are used to definitively identify digital works and to make sure those works are persistently findable, and accurately cited. You can now choose to get a DOI for your SDR content, as long as the identical content has not already been assigned a DOI elsewhere. You may also deposit pre-prints in the SDR. While the Open Access policy only applies to scholarly articles written by active members of Stanford's Academic Council, all Stanford authors (other faculty, post docs, research staff, and students) are encouraged to deposit open access copies of their scholarship in the SDR as well. The Graduate School of Education operates its GSE Open Access Archive of works dating back to 2001, which has been hosted by the Stanford Digital Repository since 2014.

Screenshot of an item view page in the SDR self-deposit application showing the DOI assigned to the item

We always recommend that content deposited in the SDR be assigned a license, and users now have a broader selection of more current licenses to choose from, including the Creative Commons 4.0 licenses, Open Data Commons licenses, and an assortment of licenses appropriate for software and code.

Find out more about Open Access Publishing in the SDR.