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Expanded guidelines for People Pages


All Stanford Libraries' staff should read these guidelines and follow them when creating and editing their People Pages.

What are People pages? 

People pages are library staff profile pages on the new library website. These pages provide contact information, photos (optional), and additional information about library staff.

Where will People pages show up?

All People pages will be searchable from the library home page, and can also be linked to other types of pages (e.g., Project or Department pages, or as authors of blog posts or news articles). Subject Librarians' People pages and People pages of the directors who report directly to the University Librarian will appear under "About  >  People" on the Library home page. 

Who will have People pages?

Only Stanford Libraries staff members who set their StanfordWho directory preference to "Public" will have a People page. If your directory preference is set to "Stanford and Affiliates" or to "Private," you will not have a People page unless you change your directory preference to "Public." You can update your directory preference in StanfordYou; this is explained below. Directory preferences are updated nightly, so there will be a one-day delay between the time you make your StanfordWho information public and the time your People page is available for you to edit.

How do I make a profile?

  1. Go to and click "Login" in the upper right corner of the page.
  2. Log in with your SUNet ID.
  3. Navigate to (where "yoursunetid" = your actual SUNet ID).
  4. Click on the "Edit" tab to begin writing or editing your People page.

How do get my name, email address, and phone number to show up correctly?

  • Your name is automatically filled in with your StanfordWho information.  If you want to change this, You'll need to edit your preferred name, which you can do by following these steps:
    • Go to StanfordYou.
    • Click on "Maintain your directory and AlertSU emergency contact information."
    • Under "Name & ID," click on "change."
    • On the next screen, enter a preferred name as you would like it to display.  (If you need to change your legal name, follow the instructions on the right-hand column of the "Name & ID" page.)
    • Changes will appear on your People page within 24 hours.
  • Your email address and work phone number are also filled in with information from StanfordWho.
    • To appear on your People page, these need to be set to "public" on StanfordWho, which you can do on StanfordYou.
    • Subject Librarians and other public services staff are required to have these two items set as "public."  If you have questions about this, contact your supervisor.
    • Changes will appear on your People page within 24 hours.

Writing the text of your People page:

  • Write your profile in the first person point of view, which will make it sound more personal and accessible.
  • How much you want to say about yourself is up to you and your unit supervisor.  All staff are highly encouraged to include at least a photograph and a description of your role in the library.

Your photo:

  • (note: if you haven't yet attended a content creation session you won't be able to upload your own photo.  Please contact Ray Heigemeir or Sarah Lester for assistance)
  • Must be a head and shoulders shot of you (e.g., not your dog or favorite book).
  • Must be in color. No black and white, sepia, or photos enhanced with Hipstamatic or Instagram effects. (Even though these can look great, we want them to be uniform for the site.)
  • Please include a photo credit indicating who took the picture (e.g., "Photo by Kenneth Chan / SUL"), even if the person is someone unassociated with Stanford. Please include a caption, too. In most cases, the caption will just be your name. In some cases, you might want to add additional information, such as "Adan Griego, in front of Green Library."
    • To enter credit and caption information, upload and submit your photo, then select "Edit Media."
    • Credit/caption information will appear as hover text (appearing when a user hovers his or her cursor over the photo).
  • If you don't want a photo, you don't have to add one. If you don't, the default image of the Stanford seal will appear instead.

Guidelines for specific sections of your People page:

Academic degrees

  • List the degree type (MFA, PhD, etc.), as well as the college or university from which you received each degree.
  • List the subject in which you received each degree.
  • The year of each degree is optional.
  • List degrees in the order of most recent to least recent.

Professional activities

  • This section should be a list (with no bullets or numbers) of your professional affiliations and service (e.g., Society of American Archivists), as well as university service (e.g., Stanford Judicial Panel Pool).

Person type

  • Only Subject Librarians and leadership (those who report directly to the University Librarian) should select "Person type." Subject Librarians are those who have been explicitly assigned to develop collections and/or provide advanced reference support in particular subject areas.
  • If you are not sure whether you should select "Subject Librarian" as your person type, please consult your supervisor.


  • Only select a department if you belong to a department that currently has a department page. Otherwise, select "none."


  • Please pay special attention to these guidelines. Subject terms are used to pull together resources about each subject, so it's important that we use these judiciously and consistently.
  • The only people who should select any subjects are:
    • Information Center Core Reference staff
    • Subject Librarians
  • Top-level subjects are only provided as navigational terms for content creators. So please do not select any of the following:
    • General and interdisciplinary
    • Arts
    • Humanities
    • International Area Studies
    • Science and Engineering
    • Social Sciences
  • Information Center Core Reference staff should select "General Reference" as a subject. If you are not Information Center Core Reference staff, please do not select "General Reference."
  • Other format-specific subject terms should also be used sparingly.  For example, only the Rare Books Curator should select "Rare Books."  Only staff working in the University Archives and/or Manuscripts Division should select "Manuscripts and Archives."  Only Subject Librarians with "digital" in their job title (e.g., "Digital Humanities" or "Digital and Rare Maps Librarian") should select "Digital Collections."

Your role in the library

  • Briefly describe your major job responsibilities. There is no need to include your full job description; simply describe what you to in the library in terms that patrons are likely to understand.
  • This should be written in complete sentences, and in the first person point of view (using "I").

More about you

  • This section can include major projects you are working on or have worked on, relevant prior appointment, links to social media (Twitter, your blog, etc.), and other information about you that patrons are likely to find interesting.
  • This should be written in complete sentences, and in the first person point of view (using "I").

Selected publications

  • Write these as a list (with no bullets or numbers).
  • Use full citations (MLA or your discipline's standard style). 
  • Include a link to an online version when available.

Topic Guides and Course Guides

  • Published Topic Guides or Course Guides that you have authored (or are tagged on) will automatically appear on your People page, right below the "Role in the library" section.



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Director of Academic Computing Services
(650) 724-2792
Photo by Kathryne Young / SUL
Associate University Librarian & Chief of Staff
(650) 725-5813
Associate University Librarian for Science & Engineering, Director, Library Technologies
University Librarian, Publisher of Stanford University Press
(650) 723-5553
P. Zarins
Digital Collections Librarian
(650) 714-2760
Zachary Baker, in the outdoor passageway between Green Library and the School of Education.
Assistant University Librarian for Collection Development - Humanities and Social Sciences, Reinhard Family Curator of Judaica and Hebraica Collections
(650) 724-2736 (650) 725-1054
Interim Slavic and East European selector, Newspapers collection project manager
(650) 725-1177
Kimberly Kay
Administrative Associate to Associate University Librarian for Technical Services
(650) 723-2015
Library Budget Officer
(650) 725-1002
Assistant Director for Stewardship
(650) 736-9538
Computer Information Systems Analyst
(650) 724-1854
Operations Manager, Media-Microtext Center
(650) 725-7263
Assistant Head, Access Services
(650) 725-1164
Librarian & Head, Access Services and Auxiliary Libraries
(650) 725-1277
Manager, Classification Unit
(650) 723-6228
Metadata Librarian for Serials and Arts Resources
(650) 724-7346
Head, Data & E-resources Control
(650) 725-1153
Discovery Metadata Librarian
(650) 725-0167
Phil Schreur
Interim Assistant University Librarian for Technical and Access Services
(650) 723-2454
Metadata Librarian for Humanities, Social Sciences & Africana
(650) 723-1259
Metadata Librarian for Social Sciences and Government Documents
(650) 725-7992
Coordinator, Western Regional Storage Trust, Serials Holdings Librarian
(650) 725-1112
Head, Metadata Development Unit, Metadata Department
(650) 723-2529
Metadata Librarian for Hebraica/Judaica Resources
(650) 725-9953
Greta de Groat
Metadata Librarian for Electronic Resources
(650) 725-0267
Head, Data Control Unit
(650) 736-0849
Bibliographic Assistant
(650) 724-3492
Photo of Alexis Manheim
Electronic Resources & Technology Librarian
(650) 725-1122
Head, Acquisitions Department
(650) 723-2803
Curator, Islamic & Middle Eastern Collection
(650) 863-9002
Curator for Latin American, Iberian & Mexican American Collections
(650) 384-9392
Curator, African Collection
(650) 725-3505
Curator, French and Italian Collections, Head, International and Area Studies Resource Group
(650) 723-9481
Assistant Curator, Judaica & Hebraica Collections , Interim Bibliographer, Linguistics
(650) 736-1306
Karen Rondestvedt
Interim selector for non-Slavic countries of the Balkans, East Central Europe, the Caucasus and Central Asia, Curator for Slavic and East European Collections (retired)
(650) 725-1052
Bibliographic Assistant to the Curator for Slavic and Eastern European Collections
(650) 724-2584
Curator, Visual Resources Center
(650) 723-3320
Curatorial Assistant, Visual Resources Center
(650) 723-3320
Head, Art & Architecture Library
(650) 725-1038
Operations Manager
(650) 723-9473
Reference Librarian/VRC Cataloger
(650) 725-9274
Evening and Student Supervisor
(650) 723-4978
Serials Access & Maintenance Specialist
(650) 723-4847
Operations Manager
(650) 723-0873
Library Specialist, Cataloging
Nancy Lorimer
Head, Music Technical Services
(650) 725-8819
Ray Heigemeir
Public Services Librarian for Music
(650) 384-9985
Jerry McBride
Head Librarian, Music Library, Head Librarian, Archive of Recorded Sound
(650) 725-1146 (650) 384-9817
Library Specialist
(650) 725-1147
Music Bibliographer
(650) 725-1144
Project Archivist
(650) 497-2785
Operations Manager
(650) 723-9312
Curator for American and British History, Head, Humanities and Social Sciences Resource Group
(650) 485-9851
US Government Information Librarian
(650) 862-9871
Curator, History of Science & Technology Collections: Film & Media Collections
(650) 723-4602
Bibliographer for Anthropology & Archaeology, Communication & Journalism, Feminist Studies, Lusophone Africa Collections, and Sociology
(831) 251-5700
Government Information Librarian, State, Local and International Documents
(650) 723-2851
Interim Associate University Librarian for Public Services
(650) 521-4341
Elizabeth (Betsy) Shelton
Library Specialist
(650) 725-1130
Kelly Roll
Operations Manager
(650) 723-2121 (650) 723-9463
Head of Cubberley Education Library, Curator for Education Resources, Subject Librarian for Psychology
(650) 996-0592
Cubberley User Services Technology Specialist
(650) 725-1131
Reference and Instruction Librarian
(650) 736-8341
Malgorzata Schaefer
(650) 384-5028
Interlibrary Borrowing Librarian, Sr. Reference Specialist
(650) 725-1278
Sr. Reference Specialist; Summer Instruction Coordinator
(650) 814-5897
Manager of Interlibrary Services and Current Periodicals
(650) 723-1988
Head, Learning & Outreach
(650) 725-1064
Ever Rodriguez
Library Specialist, Humanities Digital Info. Service, Curatorial Assistant, Latin American/Iberian Collections
(650) 723-9143
User Services Technology Manager
(650) 799-1542 (650) 723-1618
Ron Nakao with 9-track data tape.
Data and Computational Social Science Librarian
(650) 725-1062
Web & Technology Specialist
Glen Worthey (Tui, Spain, 2011)
Digital Humanities Librarian, Head of the Digital Initiatives Group
(650) 213-6759
Access & Digital Information Services Librarian
(650) 353-1025
Chinese studies librarian
(650) 388-8295
Kyungmi Chun
Korean Studies Librarian
(650) 724-5934
Assistant Head, East Asia Library, Bibliographer for Chinese/East Asian Collections
(650) 384-9872
Japanese Studies Librarian, Buddhist Studies Librarian, Religious Studies Librarian (interim)
(650) 725-3437
Manuscripts Processing Archivist
(650) 497-2795
Mattie Taormina
Head of Public Services and Processing Manuscript Librarian
(650) 724-4613
Head, Technical Services--Manuscripts, Manager, Born-Digital Program
(650) 521-2255
Exhibits Manager & Designer, Special Collections
Administrative Officer, Stanford Historical Society
(650) 725-3332
Special Collections Librarian for Manuscripts Processing & Electronic Media
(650) 804-6372
Public Services Manager
(650) 725-1026
Rare Books Specialist
(650) 723-7350
Head of Special Collections & Frances and Charles Field Curator of Special Collections
(650) 387-6816
Curator of Rare Books
(650) 725-6964
Digital Archivist
Photo of Jenny Johnson
Collections Management & Processing Archivist
(650) 721-1529
Data Administrator, Stanford Digital Library
Daniel Hartwig
University Archivist
(650) 725-1161
Ann Myers at her desk
Rare Books Cataloger
(650) 723-0123
Oral Historian, Stanford Historical Society
(650) 387-7437
Michael Newman
Head Librarian and Bibliographer
(650) 723-1110
Library Specialist at Falconer Biology Library and Math Stat library
(650) 724-3535
Assistant to the Librarian
(650) 725-1276
Grace Baysinger
Head Librarian and Bibliographer of the Swain Chemistry and Chemical Engineering Library
(650) 725-1039
Julie Sweetkind-Singer
Assistant Director of Geospatial, Cartographic and Scientific Data & Services, Head of the Branner Earth Sciences Library & Map Collections
(650) 725-1102
Library Specialist for Course Reserves and Gift Processing
Assistant Map Librarian
(650) 725-1103
Cartographic Technology Specialist
(650) 521-1037
G. Salim Mohammed, Digital and Rare Maps Librarian
Digital and Rare Maps Librarian
(650) 723-5100
Earth Sciences Librarian
(650) 724-6242
Head of the Terman Engineering Library
(650) 725-1012
Weekend Circulation Supervisor
Microforms Stacks Manager, Student Supervisor
Technology Manager
(650) 725-1016
Stella Ota
Physics Librarian
(650) 723-9763
Sarah Lester
Engineering Librarian for Outreach, Instruction and Electronic Resources
(650) 725-1018
Kathleen Gust
Engineering Librarian for Outreach Instruction and Electronic Resources
(650) 723-8877
Circulation and e-Resources Support Specialist
(650) 723-4684
Joe Wible at IAMSLIC conference in Tasmania
Head Librarian & Bibliographer, Harold A. Miller Library, Assistant to the Director, Hopkins Marine Station
(831) 655-6228
Director, Stanford University Press
(650) 723-6375
Digital Production Coordinator
Tony Calavano
Digitization Lab Manager
(650) 799-5484
Lead Photographer, Digitization Specialist
(650) 725-0583
Information Architect, Manager, Infrastructure Services
(650) 804-0628
Stu Snydman in front of Green Library
Associate Director for Digital Strategy
(650) 796-7340
Services Manager, Stanford Digital Repository and Stanford Media Preservation Lab
Service Manager for Born Digital / Forensics Lab
(831) 295-1141
Tony Navarrete
Associate Director for Product & Service Management
(650) 724-1809
Chief Technology Strategist, Associate Director, Digital Library Systems & Services
Cathy Aster
Product & Service Manager
(650) 619-3930
Bess Sadler
Manager for Application Development, Digital Library Systems and Services
Rare Book and Special Collections Digitization Specialist
Geoff Willard
Media Production Coordinator
(650) 723-4108
Book Digitization Specialist
Moving Image Digitization Specialist
(650) 725-3604 (917) 974-3388
Peter Mangiafico
Product Manager, Digital Library Systems and Services
(650) 704-9254
Science Data Librarian
(650) 556-5194
Library Specialist, Curatorial Assistant
(650) 725-2330
Director of Human Resources
(650) 723-8257
Serials Specialist, Reference Specialist
(650) 724-6107
Geospatial Instruction & Reference Specialist
(650) 561-5294
Kimberly Durante
Metadata Librarian, Geographic and Scientific Data
(650) 724-5686
Japanese Technical Services Librarian
(650) 497-5437
Jonathan Manton
Sound Archives Librarian
(650) 725-8862
Cabrinety Project Assistant
Assistant Curator for Estonian and Baltic Studies
(650) 736-4724
Technical/Adminstrative Associate, University Librarian's Office
(650) 724-2736
Head, East Asia Library
(650) 723-3451
Audio Digitization Specialist
(650) 721-2055
photo of Nicholas Taylor
Web Archiving Service Manager
(650) 492-9025
Kenny Ligda
Academic Technology Specialist, English Department
Stanford Digital Repository Operations Manager
Katja Broddesson
Evening & Student Supervisor
(650) 723-4978
Kristen St. John
Head of Conservation Services
(650) 497-6493
Geospatial Web Engineer
Curator for American and British Literature
(650) 787-5283
Josh Schneider
Assistant University Archivist
(650) 497-6489
Kathleen Smith. Photo by Wayne Vanderkuil
Curator, Germanic Collections, Acting Curator, Medieval Studies
(650) 863-9003
Road & Track Project Archivist
(650) 497-2791
Pennington Ahlstrand, MLS, CA
Processing Archivist for Gordon Moore Papers
(650) 497-3432
Ahmed AlSum
Web Archiving Engineer
Jeanette Kalchik
Circulation/Acquisitions Specialist
(650) 723-9460
Rob Sanderson
Technical Collaboration Facilitator
Postdoctoral Fellow in Data Curation for Medieval Studies
Alyssa Hislop
Project Sound Recording Cataloger
(650) 736-9473