Color Our Collections: José Guadalupe Posada

January 28, 2016
El Pajarillo Errante

Next week, from Feburary 1-February 5, archives are joining the adult coloring craze with #ColorOurCollections, providing coloring pages made from materials held within their special collections. We're joining in while simultaneously celebrating some newly released digitized material from the José Guadalupe Posada collection, circa 1875-1913. 

José Guadalupe Posada was an artist, printmaker, and engraver who worked regularly with editor/publisher Antonio Vanegas Arroyo. Stanford's Posada collection includes broadsides, pamphlets, prints, and more, covering subject matter such as politics, stories, religious events, and folklore. The entire collection has now been digitized and you can check it out in full in SearchWorks. We've created a few PDFs of coloring pages made from some of Posada's and Arroyo's work together, which you can download here:

So join us in #ColorOurCollections (organized by the New York Academy of Medicine Center for the History of Medicine and Public Health) and put your spin on Posada's prints. Be sure to check out the originals (listing below), and if you do color any, tweet them to us @StanfordSpec with the hashtag #ColorOurCollections - we'd love to see them!


To check out the original prints used for the coloring pages:

Book 1, Image 1: From Canciones Modernas [1 of 10], page 9

Book 1, Image 2: From Canciones Modernas [1 of 10], page 1

Book 1, Image 3: From Cuentos (Stories) [1 of 7], page 59

Book 2, Image 1: From Canciones Modernas [10 of 10], page 41

Book 2, Image 2: From Muestras (Demonstrations) [3 of 3], page 1

Book 3, Image 1: From Muestras (Demonstrations) [3 of 3], page 81

Book 3, Image 2: From Canciones Modernas [2 of 10], page 53

Book 3, Image 3: From Canciones Modernas [2 of 10], page 1