ePADD 6.0 beta released!

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We are very excited to announce the release of ePADD 6.0 beta!

ePADD is free and open-source computational analysis software developed by Special Collections & University Archives and partners that facilitates screening, browsing, and access for historically and culturally significant email collections.

Read on for the latest news from the project team.

New release

ePADD v6.0 includes a number of major updates in support of institutional preservation workflows and interoperability with other tools and services. In addition to adopting the Bagit specification to enable checksum verification and ensure file integrity, we have also modeled an integration with NYPL's instance of Archivematica. ePADD can now identify preservation actions performed on ePADD bags by Archivematica, including filename clean-up and file migration. ePADD provides access to both original files and migrated files. (Scripts created by NYPL to support this workflow on the Archivematica side are accessible here).

ePADD v6.0 also introduces several new export options, including the ability to export entities as CSV (either all entities, or just those of a given type), and message text as individual TXT files (to support additional text analysis and topic modeling). We have also finetuned previously existing export options: the user can now select whether they would like to export all messages as MBOX, or just non-restricted (or restricted) messages, and similarly can select whether they would like to export only correspondents whose authorities have been confirmed by the user, or only unconfirmed correspondents.

You can download the new version and view the complete release notes on Github. Those notes include information about updating your current installation from ePADD 5.1. Supporting documentation is also available.

Provide feedback on the UI/UX

A future release will focus on UI/UX improvements and enhancements. Do you have some suggestions for ways we can make the interface or user experience more intuitive or user friendly? Is something bugging you about using the software? Please contact us by July 31 with your feedback!

Upcoming presentations
14 August 2018: Appraising and Processing Email with ePADD 6! SAA Research Forum, Washington, D.C.

16 August 2018: Email Archiving Comes of Age (includes ePADD lightning talk), SAA Annual Meeting, Washington, D.C.
24-30 August 2018: ePADD 6 (poster), IFLA Annual Conference, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

We look forward to your feedback!
Funding for ePADD development is provided by the Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS) and Stanford Libraries.