New exhibit on the history of the Latina/o/x community at Stanford

September 20, 2021
Mario Pamplona
Latinaox at Stanford exhibit preview

Image: Preview of the Latina/o/x community at Stanford exhibit, which highlights the history of Latina/o/x students, staff, faculty, and organizations. The exhibit includes profiles of (clockwise from top left): Albert (Al) Camarillo, Ellen Ochoa, Frances Morales, José Antonio "Tony" Burciaga, Arturo Islas, and Cecilia Burciaga.

The Stanford Archives is ecstatic to announce that a new Spotlight exhibit on the history of the Latina/o/x community at Stanford is available for public viewing.

This exhibit builds on the LibGuide published last year which identified primary and secondary sources about the history of the Chicana/o-Latina/o-Latinx community at Stanford University.

Stanford student activism, such as the Latino students' Turning point letter in 1967, the Black Student Union's Taking of the Mic in 1968, the Asian-American student-led Takeover of the President's Office in 1989, and the Chicano/a Student Hunger Strike in 1994, contributed significantly to increasing student and faculty diversity at Stanford, as well as additional support for staff and other Latino/a/x student community members.

This exhibit highlights the available archival resources on the history of Latina/o/x students, staff, and organizations at Stanford, possible in part because of Stanford Libraries' support for the diversity of its collections. The exhibit also provides narrative and insight into the Stanford Archives collection of Latino/a/x activism, departments, and community that have largely shaped Stanford University. Over time, the entire collection has grown to include extensive pictorial, audiovisual, and digital materials, including content documenting campus and student life. 

Mario Pamplona, Stanford Libraries

I really hope this Spotlight Exhibit sparks creativity and encourages the Stanford community to further explore its vibrant Latina/o/x history. 

This entire endeavor would not have been possible without Josh Schneider who gave me the opportunity to work on a project that allowed me to express my personal passion for history and the Latinx community. And thank you to Hanna Ahn who has been an exemplary colleague and mentor throughout this entire process. 

Lastly, a big extended thank you to all those who have contributed and made this project possible; this includes, but is not limited to: 

  • Al Camarillo (Stanford University, Faculty Emeritus)
  • Adan Griego (Stanford University, Curator for Latin American, Iberian & Mexican American Collections)
  • Arturo Cazares (Stanford University Alum, Chief Executive Officer, LBAN/Latino Business Action Network)
  • Cathy Aster (Stanford University, Services Manager for Digital Library Systems and Services)
  • Dan Kook (Stanford University, Library Specialist)
  • Elvira Prieto (Stanford University, Director of El Centro Chicano y Latino)
  • Emma Frothingham (Stanford University, Oral History Program Assistant)  
  • Everardo G. Rodriguez (Stanford University, Curatorial Assistant and Library Specialist for Special Collections)
    Frances Morales ((Stanford University, Former Director of El Centro Chicano y Latino)
  • Frank Sotomayor (Stanford University Alumnus)
  • Jacob Velasquez (Stanford University, Assistant Director of El Centro Chicano y Latino)
  • Josiah Josef Keoni Quon Rodriguez (Stanford University, Student Intern & Researcher)
  • Margaret Sena (Stanford University, Assistant Dean and Associate Director, Graduate Student Engagement)
  • Presley Hubschmitt (Stanford University, University Archives Processing Archivist)
  • Rebecca Pernell (Stanford University, Head of Access Services)
  • Roberto Trujillo (Stanford University, Associate University Librarian and Director of Special Collections, Frances and Charles Field Curator of Special Collections)

Once again, a huge thank you to all involved in the project; without your help, this site would not be possible!


Mario Pamplona (Operations Manager, Library Privileges)



Mario Pamplona

Mario Pamplona

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