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Swain Library news for March-April 2014

May 2, 2014
Grace Baysinger
Journals on booktrucks for transfer to SAL3

Here's the table of contents for the March-April issue of Swain Library news: 

  • Swain Library Collection on the Move
  • BrowZine
  • Accelerate Your Research with xSearch
  • Finding eBooks
  • ACS' Open Access
  • RSC's Open Access Program

  • Sunset Notice: ChemBioOffice v11.x and earlier
  • CSD System 5.35 Update Now Available  (plus IP-based license keys for desktop users)
  • Featured eBook: Chemical Information for Chemists
  • Goggles Optional
  • bio-protocol
  • The Saga of tarichatoxin: the deadly California salamander toxin (now online)
  • Harden McConnell website now available
  • Carl Djerassi's website
  • International year of Crystallography
  • WebCSD News
  • New Version of Reaxys Launched
  • JoVE Science Education Database: General Laboratory Techniques
  • SciFinder: Need to Know Videos