ARS latest collections, Spring 2016

April 21, 2016
Benjamin E. Bates

For your browsing pleasure, here are the Spring 2016 highlights of newly acquired collections available at the Archive of Recorded Sound.

Donald J. and Maureen J. Querio Collection / hand played and reproducing piano rolls, principally in the popular music genre; produced by Ampico, QRS, Supertone (i.e. Sears Roebuck and Company), and various other piano roll manufacturers.

Ken Perkins Piano Roll Collection / hand played piano rolls of popular music and other genres; produced by a variety of manufacturers in the United States. The piano roll labels include Imperial, Supertone, US, Vocalstyle, Universal, Eilers, and others.

Maria Jesus Casado Garcia-Sampedro Piano Roll Collection / piano rolls of principally Spanish zarzuela and dance music compositions by Francisco Alonso, Ruperto Chapi, Gerónimo Giménez, Jacinto Guerrero, Rafael Martínez Valls, and others. These rolls were manufactured in Spain and France by Princesa, Victoria, Edifo, P.O.C.H, Caecilia, and L'edition Phonografique.

Larry Sitsky Piano Roll Catalog Collection / bound volumes of photocopied catalogs, and original catalogs, from player piano companies such as Ampico, Artecho, Duo-Art, Hupfeld, Philips, Pleyel, QRS, Welte-Mignon and others.

Paul F. Roth American Dance Band Collection / 78 rpm discs of 1920s to 1950s popular American song and instrumental music.

Paul F. Victor, Jr. Piano Roll Collection / reproducing and hand-played piano rolls, principally in the art music and popular music genres. These rolls were published by the Ampico, Aeolian, Welte-Mignon licensee, QRS, and Telelectric companies.

Randy A. Riddle Collection / radio transcription discs dating from 1946 to 1948. Broadcasted programs include Variety Bandbox, This England, Band Call, Music in Miniature, London Studio Melodies, Bandstand, Benjamin Britten's Albert Herring; The Adventures of P.C., Ring Up The Curtain, The Show Must Go On, Pipes of Scotland, Melodies From British Radio, The Secret Correspondence of Hitler and Mussolini, London Studio Concerts, Time for Music, and Navy Mixture Melodies.

Sezen Family Collection / principally rare 78 rpm discs of Turkish music.

Terry Smythe AMICA Collection / digitized copies of the AMICA Bulletin, 1964 - present, published by the Automatic Musical Instrument Collectors' Association. The current year's issues are embargoed until the following year.

Thomas Quilter Collection / 78 rpm and vinyl discs of Irish and Irish-American folk music spanning from the 1920s to the 1980s.

For access to these materials, please contact the Archive.