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Peter Blank presents paper at Chicago IFLA Arts satellite meeting

August 31, 2016
Peter P Blank

This years IFLA Arts Libraries Satellite meeting was held at the Art Institute of Chicago, with papers delivered on the theme of "The Art Library as Place: Building on the Past, Building for the Future." Art librarians from eight countries spoke to a select audience of art librarians from around the world on a host of planning, facilities, and program issues pertaining to the refurbishing of existing historical structures (Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam; INAH Art, Paris; Pushkin State Museum of Art, Moscow, etc.) or 100% new construction (Stanford's Bowes Library). Peter's paper, "Designing for the Program, Programming for the Design" was part of two sessions devoted to "Architecture's Impact on the Library's Program," with the second paper in his session delivered by Anne Buxtorf (pictured), Director, INHA National Art History Library, Paris, which is in the midst of a major renovation project.

While Peter's paper focused to some degree on the building proper, planning issues (such as the difficulties in communicating a carefully conceived library program to a boutique New York-based architecture firm), and how one manifests program as space, much of the presentation explored the conceptual underpinnings of the Bowes collections and services program. This included an analysis of how art practice and the practice of art history is reflected in its literature and why (and how) the art librarians present the discipline's literature as artifact to students in Stanford courses.

Abstracts of the papers are available online, with some papers (including Peter's) to be published in the Art Libraries Society of North America journal, Art Documentation.