East Asia Library hosts meeting on Japanese library resources

October 17, 2016
Dr Regan Murphy Kao
East Asia Library

The East Asia Library hosted the annual meeting of the North American Coordinating Council on Japanese Library Resources (NCC) this last Friday and Saturday, October 14-15th.  In this two-day meeting, NCC members from major universities in the US, Canada, and Japan discussed current and future projects.  Representatives from the Japan-United States Friendship Commission, which funds many of the NCC’s projects, also participated actively in the discussions.

Since 1991, the NCC has vigorously supported efforts by librarians, faculty and funding agencies to improve access to Japanese language collections.  Among its many projects, the multi-volume sets project enables libraries to purchase expensive sets and make them widely available to researchers through interlibrary loan.  The NCC has also organized professional development seminars for librarians, worked with Japanese libraries to improve the international interlibrary loan system, and facilitated the establishment of collaborative collection development programs.  



Regan Murphy Kao

Dr Regan Murphy Kao

Head of East Asia Library Special Collections
Curator for Japanese Collections