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Immigrants, refugees and borders: April book exhibit

April 3, 2017
Regina Lee Roberts
Mis Madres poster

Stanford University Libraries has a monthly book exhibit of circulating books in Green Library in order to highlight special topics. For April 2017, librarians in the social sciences, humanities and area studies have curated a sample of selected resources on "Immigration, Refugees and Borders". The image of "Mis Madres" by Ester Hernandez is from the Stanford Libraries' Special Collections M1301 and is reproduced here courtesy of the artist. This image of "Mis Madres" or "My Mothers" was selected as an elegant reminder that humanity is bound to one earth and that the borders that separate us are created by us. This exhibit was pieced together with the knowledge that the political, economic and social boundaries that separate us are complex and this exhibit only scratches the surface of possible research paths.   

The books on display include fiction and non-fiction titles. Kanopy filmsThe viewpoints of the texts represent a wide array of perspectives. There is also a selection of films in Media-Microtext and through our online streaming media service, Kanopy, which highlights feature films and documentary films that may be of interest.

Additional select films have be listed in a topic  guide by the curator of the Italian Collections. This guide is titled, "Immigration in Italian film". More selected film titles are suggested on the exhibit posters on display outside the Media- Microtext center and many more are available through Searchworks.

Infographics from the United Nations High Commissioner on Refugees (UNHCR) and from KQED's "The Lowdown" are also on display in the Green East Lobby. The Lowdown graphics have been reproduced courtesy of Andy Warner and The Lowdown, KQED News Education. They include "Who Are California’s Undocumented Immigrants? A Cartoon Explainer" (2016) by And Warner and "The Refugee Crisis: What You Need to Know [A Comic Infographic]" (2015) by Andy Warner. These infographics highlight the differences between migrant and refugee status. They also mark the complex and difficult journeys that people navigate in search of better living conditions and livelihoods.

April display

These graphics also highlight the statistical sources for research in these areas. These statistical sources can be found through Stanford Libraries subscriptions and by contacting data services librarians in Social Science Data & Software (SSDS). They are available for consultations on finding and using related data.

The Cubberley Education Library has also created guide pages for select resources:

Immigrants and refugees in books for children and young adults

Immigrant and migrant education

Statistical information and sources can be found in this course guide that was created for a Sociology class on demographic processes

Resources on citizenship can be found in this course page on "Speaking out: claiming citizenship, demanding rights".

If you have any questions regarding this exhibit, please contact Regina Roberts. 


Regina Lee Roberts

Bibliographer for Anthropology & Archaeology
Communication & Journalism
Feminist Studies
and Lusophone Africa Collections