Japanese maps on display at the Rumsey Map Center

April 27, 2017
Joshua Capitanio
19th century map of Mt. Nikkō.

A selection of Japanese maps from the East Asia Library is currently on display in the main room of the David Rumsey Map Center, as part of a new exhibition entitled "Views: Portraying Place and Space."  

The exhibit, which will continue until the end of summer, includes views from different parts of the world.  The Japanese maps on display are part of a collection of materials related to travel in Japan dating from the 17th to early 20th centuries.  Made using various printing technologies -- woodblock, copperplate, and lithograph -- the East Asia Library's collection evokes changing understandings of space during the Edo through Taisho periods.  Consisting primarily of artifacts of travel, the collection includes a selection of souvenir prints from temples and hot springs, pilgrimage route maps, and religious ephemera.  The exhibit of Japanese maps was the result of a collaboration between Japanese Studies Librarian Dr. Regan Murphy Kao, who built the collection, and Emily Prince of the Rumsey Map Center, who saw the opportunity to incorporate these maps into the selection of views featured within the exhibit.

The Japanese maps that are currently on display at the Rumsey Map Center can be viewed in detail in the "Japanese Views" section of the online exhibit created by Salim Mohammed, Head and Curator for the David Rumsey Map Center.

View more rare Japanese materials related to travel at the East Asia Library.


Joshua Capitanio

Joshua Capitanio

Public Services Librarian, East Asia Library
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