A more secure way to connect from off-campus

August 15, 2017
Irina Trapido

If you have ever used a database, e-book, or e-journal from off campus, chances are that one of Stanford Libraries' proxy servers unlocked the door. A proxy server identifies you as a licensed Stanford user when you are off campus (or not using the Stanford network for other reasons). We currently use two proxy servers: APC, or Automatic Proxy Configuration, which requires users to set up their browser, and EZproxy, which works by adding a special prefix in front of the resource URL. For many years, we relied on APC as our main method of providing remote access. However, this technology is not compatible with HTTPS, the secure version of HTTP. As HTTPS is increasingly becoming a de facto standard for most Web services, we are phasing out APC and migrating to EZproxy as our only system for off-campus access. We are planning to implement these changes this fall, so stay tuned for further updates!


Irina Trapido

Electronic Resources Librarian