Concierge 40: "Data Stories"

September 14, 2017
Ellie Buckley

[updated] Concierge 40: "Data Stories (from the trenches)"

Please join us for this Concierge session that kicks off the new academic year!

  • Mon. 9/25 3-4 pm, EAL 224
  • Thurs. 9/28 11 am-12 pm, EAL 224 (This session will be video recorded.)

Providing support for qualitative and quantitative data to the Stanford research community involves a lot of parts and pieces. In this session, Vijoy Abraham, Ashley Jester, Kris Kasianovitz, and Alesia Montgomery will discuss the the landscape of quantitative and qualitative social science data here at Stanford. 
Each presenter will provide us with a "data story" that exemplifies the complexities of the work they do to manage the life cycle of social science data sets, from acquisition to the researcher.  Data covered will be the various flavors of the Census, the provisioning of the DISQUE DENUNCIA dataset for international policy research, Qualitative Data, and Corelogic Tax and Deed Public Record Data.

Please sign up for one of the sessions on Canvas. First, enroll in the Concierge Project's Canvas “course” if you haven’t done so yet. Then sign up for one of the sessions under the People > Groups tab.