New exhibit at East Asia Library - Words in Characters: Books as Vehicles

September 25, 2017
Joshua Capitanio

The East Asia Library is pleased to announce a new exhibition entitled "Words in Characters: Books as Vehicles."  Located in the entrance hall display cases, this exhibition explores intersections between art and language in contemporary Chinese culture. 

Focusing around the central issues of the Chinese language and book-making, the artworks of this exhibition not only convey the complex cultural heritage of calligraphy and book-making in China, but also respond to recent changes in Chinese politics and social environments. Through the different cultural experiences conveyed by these artworks, this exhibition will raise awareness of the issues surrounding globalization and cultural boundaries that we confront today.

Artists whose work is featured in the exhibit include Xu Bing, Hongwei Yang, Xiaoze Xie, Yu Ji, Sue Messer, Xiangzhou Tai, Chen Wang, Jonathan Stalling.  Words in Characters: Books as Vehicles has been organized by the Association of Chinese Artists in American Academia (ACAAA, previously known as Across the Divide), an organization whose goals are to present the work of this unique group of artists to the general public in both the USA and China, and to generate scholarly dialogue among these artists and their students, colleagues, and other academic professionals.

The exhibit will run at the East Asia Library until late January 2018.  An opening reception will be held on October 13.


Joshua Capitanio

Joshua Capitanio

Public Services Librarian, East Asia Library
Bibliographer, East and Southeast Asia (Western languages)
Subject Specialist, Religious Studies