Concierge 42: CIDR, what?

October 25, 2017
Ellie Buckley
Concierge keys.

Join us to learn about the Center for Interdisciplinary Digital Research (CIDR)--a unique team of technology specialists, software developers, humanities and social science data experts, and subject librarians. We design and develop new digital tools and methods, incorporating technology and information resources, to promote innovative scholarship. Meet our team members and learn about our services, workshops and partners. Glen Worthey, Ashley Jester, Javier de la Rosa, Scott Bailey, and others will highlight some CIDR projects that integrate data visualization, data organization, and data preservation. We hope their presentations will spawn lively Q&A and give you a road map for referring users to our services.

The presentation will be offered on two days:

  • Monday 11/6, 11-12 pm, IC Classroom
  • Wednesday 11/8, 3-4 pm, IC Classroom (This session will be video recorded.)

Please sign up for one of the sessions on Canvas. First, enroll in the Concierge Project's Canvas “course” if you haven’t done so yet. Then sign up for one of the sessions under the People > Groups tab.