Schrödinger Software at Stanford

October 4, 2017
Cytochrome P450 Oxidase

The Stanford Libraries are very pleased to announce that we licensed three suites of software from Schrödinger:

Schrödinger software is available to all current students, faculty, and staff at Stanford University for not-for-profit, academic research, and for instructional use.  Commercial use is explicitly prohibited for this product.  Please see license terms.  Go to for more details. 

This is collaborative effort with the Stanford Research Computing Center and the Vice Provost for Teaching and Learning who are providing computing support for Schrödinger software on campus.  Stanford ChEM-H is helping cover training costs and providing scientific support to researchers using Schrödinger software. 

Licensing, providing access, and research and training support for Schrödinger software has involved a number of people.  Many thanks to Chaitan Khosla, Elizabeth Ponder, Marc Deller, and Mark Smith at ChEM-H; Ann Arvin, Dean of Research; Ruth Marinshaw, Addis O'Connor, and Kilian Cavalotti at Stanford Research Computing; Inoque Hsu Lin in Academic Computing; Paul Zarins, Sarah Forzetting, Robert Schwarzwalder, Mimi Calter, Michael Keller, Gabrielle Karampelas, Marina Izrailevich, and Grace Baysinger at the Stanford Libraries; and Kristin Robinson at Schrödinger.