Concierge 43: Special Collections acquisitions--from a dealer’s catalog to the libraries’ catalog

January 16, 2018
Ellie Buckley
Concierge Keys

Have you ever wondered why and how something like a paper doll was added to the library collection? If so, please join us for a panel presentation where representatives from Collection Development, SUL Technical Services, and Special Collections Technical Services will explain each step of the acquisition process using the recently acquired Jenny Lind paper doll set as an example. The presentation will explain how the set was discovered and paid for, the considerations that were made before the collection came to Stanford, how the SearchWorks catalog records were prepared, some conservation considerations, and how students interact with and learn from the physical as well as the digital objects. Please join us for a fascinating deep dive into the world of Special Collections acquisitions!

The presentation will be offered twice on Tuesday, January 30:

  • Tuesday, 1/30, 10-11 am, EAL 224
  • Tuesday, 1/30, 2-3 pm, EAL 224 (This session will be video recorded.)

Please sign up for one of the sessions on Canvas. First, enroll in the Concierge Project's Canvas “course” if you haven’t done so yet. Then sign up for one of the sessions under the People > Groups tab.