Korean calligraphy exhibition and demonstration at East Asia Library

January 25, 2018
Joshua Capitanio
Seo Myeongho, Hangeul (Korean alphabet)

The East Asia Library is currently hosting an exhibition containing works of Korean calligraphy created by members of the Galmul Hangeul Calligraphy Association.  Several of the calligraphers will visit Stanford to offer a demonstration of Korean calligraphy on February 1, 2018.

Entitled "When I love, it becomes a star": Works of Korean Calligraphy, the exhibition features thirteen pieces that were specially created for this occasion.  All thirteen calligraphers who are participating in this exhibit have served as judges for calligraphy contests and exhibited their works in various calligraphy exhibitions around Korea.  Eleven of the thirteen calligraphers are members of the Galmul Hangeul Calligraphy Association, an organization of women calligraphers that was founded by Galmul Lee Chul Kyong, herself a calligrapher, educator, and activist in women's movements.  Many of the pieces are executed the "court style" (gungche) of Korean calligraphy.  This style, traditionally associated with women calligraphers, is so named because it was developed after the creation of the Hangul script in the fifteenth century by ladies of the Korean court, who used this style to copy books and write letters and essays.  

The exhibition will be displayed in the entrance hall of the East Asia Library until March 31.  A calligraphy demonstration will be offered on Thursday, February 1 from 2:00 - 3:30 PM at the East Asia Library, followed by a reception at 4:00 PM to commemorate the opening of the exhibition.