SynOne Beta from Thieme Chemistry is available

March 6, 2018

I am very pleased to announce that Stanford students, faculty, and staff are one of 10 institutions that have access to the beta version of SynOne.  For a tour and for answers to commonly asked questions, view these materials in Stanford Box (access is limited to Stanford users) .  After trying SynOne, it would be really great to get your feedback by completing this survey.  

Below is summary information from Thieme Chemistry about SynOne and what it does.   

About SynOne

SynOne offers search, browse, and discovery options across the entire Thieme Chemistry publication portfolio (journals, reference works, and encyclopedias) and the results are linked via a systematic and unique hierarchy of compound classes, which has been put together by chemists for chemists.

SynOne is a Thieme Chemistry discovery interface which can help you find relevant and reliable high-quality publications on organic synthesis and which will present your results in context.

What it Does

SynOne – Synthesis in Context

SynOne is a discovery tool providing access to:

  • Full synthetic methodology reviews compiled by the leaders in the field, which include reaction scope, experimental procedures, tables of examples and reaction schemes, as well as corresponding yields
  • An up-to-date full literature review compiled by top experts, delivering selection and analysis of the most relevant current research published across the field
  • All of the evaluated Thieme Chemistry primary and review content

SynOne will help you:

  • Get from the library to the lab in the quickest time
  • Identify new areas of interest, related information and reactions
  • Get a full evaluated overview on specialist areas
  • Compare new, alternative and established synthetics methodologies
  • Identify alternative routes to your target molecules
  • Visualize compounds and how they are related

Disclosure: Grace is a member of the Science of Synthesis Advisory Board.