Concierge 47: The user education program in geospatial services

April 30, 2018
Ellie Buckley
Concierge Keys

Increasingly researchers and instructors in all disciplines need maps and other geospatial information. To meet the need for cartographic information, Stanford Libraries’ geospatial services have grown in recent years with the opening of the David Rumsey Map Center (DRMC) in 2016 and the development of the Stanford Geospatial Center (SGC). DRMC provides access to cartographic information in all its forms, from paper to digital. The SGC has an extensive collection of geospatial data in digital format and geospatial software and has developed EarthWorks, Stanford’s cross-institutional geospatial discovery application.

The Rumsey Map Center and the Geospatial Center have developed a robust user education program to support the need for cartographic information at Stanford. In this Concierge presentation, you will learn about workshops and other learning opportunities in geospatial information offered to faculty, staff, and students in all disciplines at Stanford. G. Salim Mohammed, Head and Curator, David Rumsey Map Center will outline the range of programs offered by DRMC. Stace Maples, Geospatial Manager, Stanford Geospatial Center, will discuss the very active user education program in SGC.

If you have questions or specific topics you would like Salim or Stace to discuss, please submit them ahead of time on the Canvas Discussion Board.

The presentation will be offered twice in the David Rumsey Map Center:

  • Tuesday, May 15, 10:00am to 11:00am (This session will be video recorded.)
  • Wednesday, May 16, 2:00pm to 3:00pm

Please sign up for one of the sessions on Canvas. First, enroll in the Concierge Project's Canvas “course” if you haven’t done so yet. Then sign up for one of the sessions under the People > Groups tab.