Digital print preservation workshop

March 12, 2019
Richenda Brim
Green Library, East Wing
On March 28 from 1:00-4:00 pm in the Tierney Seminar Room, Senior Research Scientist Daniel Burge, from the Image Permanence Institute, will offer a Digital Print Preservation Workshop on the history, technologies, and materials used in digital printing to provide the knowledge and skills needed to identify and preserve the most common digital print types.

This broad summary will include a definition of the term digital print, the history and technologies of the most common digital printers, the variety of possible formats, likely forms of deterioration, general recommendations for care, as well as suggested naming conventions and descriptive terminology for cataloging and other records. Staff from all institutional roles are encouraged to attend - conservators, catalogers and registrars, curators, archivists, librarians, exhibition designers and preparators, etc.
Digitally printed materials make up an increasing portion of our library collection. The Image Permanence Institute began studying how time, storage, and use affect these materials in 2007 and their continuing research projects focus on developing strategies to support digital print preservation. Visit DP3: digital print preservation portal for more information and resources.
We hope you can join us for an illuminating overview of digital print technology and preservation!