Congratulations to our library student worker graduates!

June 24, 2019
Kimberly R. Kay

Congratulations to the Stanford University Archives and Robin Li and Melissa Ma Science Library student workers who are graduating from Stanford this year!

Stanford University Archives


"My name is Roxanne Dobson, and I graduated this spring with a BA in Anthropology.

I have always loved reading and libraries, so working with the Stanford University Archives for the past two years transcribing handwritten documents has been great! I love transcribing because I get to read about so many different instances in history. In my time with the Archives, I've transcribed letters from Women's Army Corps members from WWII, the correspondence of a Stanford student from the 1940s and the minutes of the Stanford Chinese Student Association from the early to mid-1900s, among other fascinating documents. Thank you Stanford University Archives!"

Robin Li and Melissa Ma Science Library

 Manisha Laxmi Patel

Manisha Laxmi Patel:

I am a graduating senior at Stanford University, majoring in Physics and minoring in Mathematics. This summer, I will be traveling to Paris, France to work in a computational biology lab at Sorbonne Université.

Over the past few years, working at the Robin Li and Melissa Ma Science Library has been a joy! The library staff are kind, helpful, and supportive of all students. 

This job has taught me a great deal about library systems at Stanford, as well as the needs of my fellow students. The Science Library is a calm and inviting environment—truly an ideal place to work and learn.

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Nicolas Edward Grandel

Nicolas Edward Grandel:

I really enjoyed helping people navigate the new library and keeping everything in order for the school! After graduation, I'll be moving to Houston with my fiancée to start graduate school at Rice University.

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Rhodalene Benjamine-Addy:

"I am Rhodalene Benjamin-Addy and I am Ghanaian-American. I grew up in a fairly large city called Lawrenceville (about 30 minutes outside of Atlanta, Georgia). I will be graduating this spring with a degree in Biology with a Minor in African Studies. Growing up, my family did not have much but I did have the public library was free and my way of exploring the world. The library was the place where I spent hours doing homework, filling and submitting my college applications, and looking for scholarships. The library that allowed me to dream big and got me to Stanford. 

I started working before the merge (Science Library) at the Chemistry and Chemical Engineering Library back in 2015 as a freshman and have loved working here (now the Science Library) all my four years. I really enjoyed meeting people and helping them find the resources they needed to succeed in their studies. 

I also learned so much about the inner workings of the library and to see dedicated staff committed to making it run smoothly has been inspiring. 

I want to thank the staff for all the support they have given me throughout my time here and made working at the library worthwhile. 

Thank you to all the staff for the wonderful experience and a special thank you to Aparna Sharma for granting me this opportunity, her grace, her support, and kindness through these past 4 years! As I go on into the medical field, I will always remember the integrity and dedication of all the staff I worked with and for that I am thankful."

photo credit: Awua Buahin 

Thank you, Roxanne, Rhodalene, Nicolas, and Manisha! We wish you much success!


Kimberly Kay

Kimberly R. Kay

Administrative Associate to Associate University Librarian for Technical and Access Services