Stanford Libraries SERG/Carpentries Workshop Series

Stanford Libraries & The Carpentries

Stanford University is a member organization of The Carpentries, a nonprofit dedicated to teaching foundational skills for research computing skills. This partnership is managed by Dr. Amy Hodge of the Stanford University Libraries, and is open to the entire campus community. Over the past few quarters the Stanford University Libraries have offered the popular two-day Software Carpentry workshops as an open enrollment to anyone on campus. Other campus organizations have also run and will continue to run similar versions of these workshops.

This upcoming fall quarter we in the Libraries are trying something a little different for our Library offerings. Instead of offering and sponsoring one intensive two-day workshop once a quarter, we are breaking them out into smaller pieces taught at multiple points twice a week throughout afternoons in the quarter; merging them with a previous Science and Engineering Libraries workshop series mostly taught by Amy Hodge and Zac Painter among others. Other universities have broken out Carpentries lessons in a smiliar fashion before, and the format of these workshops is also inspired by our colleages at CIDR.

Instructors for sessions this quarter are Frances Davenport, Amy Hodge, Melissa Ko, Jake Lever, Darach Miller, Zac Painter, Mark Piercy, João Rodrigues, Linnea Shieh, and Satoshi Yokota. Tuesday topics will be R (Introductions, Geospatial Applications, Visualization), and Python (Introductions, and some Intermediate Topics TBD). Monday and Wednesday topics (alternating between the days) will include Git, Unix/Terminal, OpenRefine, SQL, and Cloud Computing. In addition, we're partnering with the Stanford Research Computing Center to offer a second iteration of Introduction to High Performance Computing.

More information about these and other great Library-offered workshops is located at our main events page. For more information about this series, contact Zac Painter.