Welcome Diane!

September 24, 2019
Sarah B Sussman

You may have seen a new face around the McDermott Suite lately.  Diane Otosaka is spending a month in HASRG learning about academic librarianship. Diane's hometown is Dinard, a city in Brittany, France, but she is working on her PhD in England. I've asked her to write up a brief note introducing herself and her interests. Her main project is to work with the database of images that is part of the French Revolution Digital Archive, and she'll be participating in other activities around SUL. It's a pleasure to have her join us - 


Diane Otosaka is a second-year PhD student from the University of Leeds (UK). Her doctoral thesis examines contemporary French and Francophone Holocaust literature and is supervised by Prof Max Silverman (Leeds) and Dr Daniel Lee (Queen Mary London). As part of her doctoral training funded by WRoCAH (White Rose College of the Arts and Humanities), she has been given the opportunity to undertake a one-month Researcher Employability Project to explore other areas of interest. Diane thought this would be the perfect opportunity to learn more about librarianship and digital humanities, two longtime interests of hers; and what better place to do that than at Stanford, one of the leading research libraries in the United States? Diane is looking forward to meeting people working in the library and discovering what goes on behind the scene at Stanford libraries.