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News from the Acquisitions Department

October 15, 2019
Alexis C Manheim

A lot has been going on in the Stanford Libraries Acquisitions Department over the past few months!

In September, our Ordering, Payments & Gifts Librarian, Sarah Forzetting, moved to the Collections Department in Green Library as the new Digital Collections Librarian, a position previously held by the now retired Paul Zarins. Sarah is now reporting to Matt Marostica, AUL for Public Services and Collection Development. Her office is near Media Microtext, Green 51C. Congratulations, Sarah!  

As much as we miss Sarah on the 4th floor of Lathrop, we are also pleased to announce that we have hired a new Ordering & Gifts Librarian: our very own Zeynep Buyukonal! Zeynep has been Ordering Operations Manager in Acquisitions for three years and was previously Assistant to the Head of Librarian at Falconer Biology Library. She has her MLIS from San Jose State University, degrees in Computer Science and Business Administration from Bogazici University in Istanbul and 13 years of library experience. I am thrilled that Zeynep has accepted this position! She is now responsible for liaising with vendors and bibliographers, with a focus on managing our approval plans and establishing workflows for new types of library materials. In addition, she will retain many of her Operations Manager duties and oversee the Gifts Unit. Sarah has graciously agreed to help train Zeynep in areas new to her. Sarah’s continuing support for all of us in Acquisitions is amazingly helpful and comforting during this time of transition. 

Sarah’s departure also led us to make some adjustments to unit responsibilities in Acquisitions. For example, one area that Sarah managed but Zeynep will not is Payments. Frank Hou has been Acquisitions Payments Operations Manager since April and has used his background in Monograph Receiving, degree in Mathematics, and fresh perspective to develop and improve workflows in his Unit. Frank reported to Sarah during his first six months, but with her move to Collections, the Frank and the Payments Unit will now report to Linh Chang, Receiving & Access Librarian. I am so grateful to Linh for agreeing to this change. Payments is a huge responsibility, but she is the most experienced Acquisitions Librarian and knows Symphony and our vendor workflows better than anyone. Linh will continue to manage Monograph Receiving along with Mary Wilkinson.

Also, in an effort to better integrate print and e-resource workflows for recurring resources, Serials and E-Resources Units now report to Irina Trapido, Electronic Resources Librarian. Yael Hod, Acquisitions E-Resources Coordinator, who used to report directly to Sarah, has moved to the E-Resources Unit and also now reports to Irina. The Serials Unit will remain under Brigitte Burnham, but now report to Irina instead of Linh.

With the vacancy created by Zeynep moving into the Ordering & Gifts Librarian position, we will have an open Operations Manager position and are hoping to utilize it elsewhere in the Department, but are still working on the details of that plan. 

Please contact me if you have any questions about all of these changes. Also, please use our unit email addresses whenever possible.

E-Resources Unit:
Ordering Unit:
Payments Unit:

Below is our updated organizational chart with the new reporting lines and responsibilities.


Acquisitions Department Organizational Chart