Update on workplace and sponsored conference conduct

October 2, 2019
Amy E. Hodge

A self-assembled Stanford Libraries working group has recently revised the Stanford Libraries Code of Conduct, especially as it relates to conferences and events we host and attend. Group members included Amy Hodge, Cathy Aster, Glynn Edwards, Mark Matienzo, and Mike Giarlo.

We ask that you review the revised statement and discuss it with your colleagues when planning to attend or host events/conferences. Undertake due diligence to ensure the events and conferences you are attending or have been invited to as a presenter have made their Codes of Conduct clear. If you do not find a Code of Conduct for the event, please contact the organizers for a copy of the event's Code of Conduct prior to accepting invitations or registering. You may also consider working with the event organizers to create a Code of Conduct for the event. 

For all events/conferences we host, please add the following line to your event description online and on printed collateral: 

"The Stanford Libraries are dedicated to providing a harassment-free conference/event experience for everyone regardless of gender, gender identity, gender expression, sexual orientation, disability, physical appearance, body size, race, ethnicity or religion. Guests not complying with these values will be asked to leave. For more information on our Code of Conduct visit: library.stanford.edu/codeofconduct