Databases of the week: Communication Studies

January 24, 2020
Regina Lee Roberts
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The Stanford Libraries subscribes to an array of databases that are useful for Communication Studies research. Here are few selected databases for getting started:

Communication and Mass Media Complete (an EBSCO database).
Communication and Mass Media Complete indexes over 600 journal titles related to the discipline and includes research on media studies, linguistics, rhetoric, popular culture and discourse. This database includes access to full-text articles for a majority of the publications indexed in this database. I find this database useful for many topics related to U.S. “popular” culture. It is particularly useful for topics related to the study of the use of social media. 

ComAbstracts is published by the non-profit, CIOS (Communication Institute for Online Scholarship) and includes directories for academic institution communication departments and faculty.  ComAbstracts indexes many of the core association press journals and books. The interface includes concept mapping and table of contents listings. In order to access full-text articles that we have access to, the interface provides links to the e-journals. 

For full-text articles published by SAGE, we have access to the database of Sage Journals. This index covers Social Science & Humanities topics for SAGE Journal titles.

See also Sage Research Methods to access content on social science research methods. 

Here are few other databases that could be useful for searching on communication and media topics: 

Ethnic newsWatch: This database provides full-text access to scholarly journals on ethnicities and ethnic studies.

GenderWatch: GenderWatch covers historical perspectives on the evolution of the women's movement, men's studies, the transgender community and the changes in gender roles over the years.

Project Muse: Project MUSE provides access to peer reviewed humanities and social science books, book reviews and journals from university presses and scholarly societies.

Some historical digital archives that may be of interest include:

Associated Press Collections Online: This is a collection of documents from the Associated Press Archives, from select AP Bureaus,  covering date ranges from 1915-2009.

Meet the Press: This is an Alexander Street Press archive of the NBC Television Program entitled “Meet the Press”.


Regina Lee Roberts

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