New online exhibition features photographs from Wang Jingwei regime

January 23, 2020
Joshua Capitanio
Wang Jingwei salutes troops

The East Asia Library is pleased to announce the launch of a new online exhibition featuring photographs of the regime of Wang Jingwei 汪精衞 (1883-1944), who administered large swathes of Japanese-occupied east, central, and south China from March 30, 1940 until the Japanese surrender in 1945, collaborating with the Japanese occupiers during the Sino-Japanese War.

The 194 photographs featured in this exhibition once belonged to Lin Baisheng, a newspaper editor who served as Minister of Publicity for Wang Jingwei's government. After the Kuomintang regime of Chiang Kai-shek defeated the occupying Japanese forces, Lin Baisheng was convicted of treason and executed in 1946.

According to the Introduction to the exhibition, written by Jeremy E. Taylor of the University of Nottingham, this modest collection includes many unique images that are not found in other archives of material from this period.  Of particular interest to researchers are a series of images taken during Wang's tour of the Jiangsu region in 1941-1942.  Another set of unique images highlights Wang's predilection for displays of military power, featuring "images of Wang inspecting soldiers, naval officers, youth group members, and even girl guides as they paraded to celebrate various events in the busy calendar of dates celebrated in occupied Nanjing and Guangzhou."

The exhibition may be viewed on Stanford Libraries' 'Spotlight at Stanford' platform.

Image: Wang Jingwei salutes parading troops.