How to find streaming archival sound recordings in Searchworks

February 7, 2020
Nathan Coy

Recently, at the Archive of Recorded Sound we have had discussions with many students about finding more than just the expected in Searchworks. In this case digitized archival sound recordings. Many of the sound recordings we work to preserve and provide access to are available streaming to the Stanford community and a few are even available to anyone interested in the world. Following are two video tutorials on how to filter search results to streaming archival sound recordings in Searchworks.

The first tutoral  is for finding digitized 78 rpm records in the catalog, it is worth noting that at this juncture the 78 rpm recordings are available to members of the Stanford community via streaming, but can be accessed but other researchers for a limited term via another route. For information access please visit the Archive of Recorded Sound website. The second tutorial is on accessing the world available recordings from the Allen Ginsberg collection, but the process could be applied to any area of interest. Now on to the tutorials.

How to Refine a search or browse streaming 78 rpm recordings in Searchworks, for more information on the Archive of Recorded Sound click here. 


How to refine a search to streaming sound recordings in Searchworks, this tutorial uses the world accessible Allen Ginsberg archival sound recordings as an example. For more on the Allen Ginsberg Collection, the archival finding aid is available here.