Elevator repair and limited access to basement stacks

July 28, 2020
Joshua Capitanio
East Asia Library

UPDATE: As of September 9, the East Asia Library elevator repairs have been completed and elevator access has been restored. An access card is needed to use the elevator, which can be obtained from the circulation desk.

On Monday, August 3, repairs will commence on the East Asia Library elevator.  The repairs are expected to take approximately three weeks, during which time patrons will be unable to access the basement stacks.

East Asia Library staff will still have access to the basement.  Paging services will be provided, and patrons who need materials from the basement stacks can request them in advance through SearchWorks.  Users can also inquire at the Circulation Desk for on-site paging.

Patrons and library staff will also not be able to use the elevator to access the third floor for these three weeks.  The third floor will still be accessible by the stairs in the main lobby.


Joshua Capitanio

Joshua Capitanio

Public Services Librarian, East Asia Library
Bibliographer, East and Southeast Asia (Western languages)
Subject Specialist, Religious Studies