Stanford Libraries' Value Statement

July 22, 2020
Mimi Calter

Stanford Libraries is pleased to share it Values Statement with our users, supporters, and colleagues.  You will find the statement below, and in its permanent home on our library website.

Staff from across the Libraries organization drafted and refined this statement in a 9-month, collaborative process.  I’ve greatly appreciated the level of engagement in, and excitement about, this effort.  While coronavirus disrupted some plans, input and comments have been plentiful, timely, enthusiastic, and at the same time appropriately critical.  The result is a statement that truly reflects the values, concerns, and aspirations of the Stanford Libraries organization.

What is most clear from that feedback is that this values statement is not something that can sit on a shelf (or a website).  The statement needs be an actively used tool to guide decision-making, build culture, and support our growth as an organization.  We need to commit to living our values, and be thoughtful about how we go about that in our daily work.

To that end, we are initiating a three-phase implementation plan for the Values Statement.  We will start over the next weeks by distributing the statement through announcements like this one.  We will then move to an adoption phase, with the goal of ensuring recognition and understanding of the Values Statement.  Over time we will move to sustained, long-term commitment to the values, and integration of the values into our daily work processes.  This will be important, if difficult, work, and I am pleased to be a part of it.




  • We cultivate mutual respect; everyone has much to contribute and to learn.
  • We are driven by integrity, trust, creativity, and openness.
  • We celebrate diversity and act against racism, sexism, or social discrimination of any kind.  
  • We recognize the inequities of the past and present, striving to learn, grow, and act in fair and equitable ways.  
  • We value and protect privacy for our community and ourselves. 
  • We let our actions speak for us, and prioritize product over process. 
  • We are future-oriented innovators and long-term thinkers providing world-class expert services.  
  • We are Stanford Libraries.