Four new finding aids featuring Jazz artist interviews, band music, and organizational records published by the Archive of Recorded Sound

August 17, 2020
Nathan Coy
ARS reading room with books

In the last week through the concerted efforts of Benjamin Bates, Chris Walker, Gurudarshin Khalsa, Jonah Reidel, and the Stanford Media Preservation Lab the Archive of Recorded Sound has released 4 new finding aids. The collections include the work of Reese Erlich and his now Stanford streaming interviews with top tier Jazz artists, the complete catalog of Fidelity Recordings featuring band music from around the world, a collection of ARS research files, and a selection of sound recordings tied to the West coast traditional jazz revival. Read on to find out more.

The Reese Erlich Jazz Interview and Program Collection ARS0195

Reese Erlich is a highly respected and prolific journalist covering international relations. In addition to his political coverage he also has a long history of producing Jazz radio and that’s what’s in this collection. The segments feature artists from Herbie Hancock to Arturo Sandoval and can be listened to by logging in with your Sunet ID, or, for external researchers, contacting the Archive of Recorded Sound.

The Don Kinch Collection ARS0199

Don Kinch was a multi-instrumentalist that worked many traditional jazz musical groups including the Turk Murphy Jazz Band and the Firehouse 5 plus 2. This collection is comprised of 26 open reel tapes featuring rehearsals and concerts from his musical career.

The Fidelity Sound Recordings Collection ARS0212 

Reg McGovern worked as a newspaper photographer most of his life, but in between shots he found time to start and run a record label that released recordings of band music from around the world. This collection is comprised of the entire catalog of this record label, Fidelity Sound Recordings. Some of the highlights of the collection are recordings of the National Band of New Zealand, the City Band of Vienna, many Salvation Army bands, and the New Zealand Maori Theater.

The ARS Subject File Collection ARS0201

The ARS subject file collection is comprised of a wide range of internal reference materials used by the Archive of Recorded Sound during its first 60 years of existence. The resource types in the collection are quite diverse and range from concert programs to correspondence with other sound archives.