Paging services to East Asia Library restored

August 6, 2020
Joshua Capitanio
East Asia Library shelves

As part of Stanford Libraries' research restart, materials from the East Asia Library stacks can now be paged and picked up the circulation desk.  Additionally, paging of some materials from our collections at SAL1/2 for pickup at the East Asia Library has been restored.

The following materials are currently available for paging:

East Asia Library: Circulating items from the Chinese, Japanese, and Korean collections, including folios and sets, may now be paged to the East Asia Library circulation desk. Non-circulating items, such as special collection materials from the locked stacks and reference items, are not pageable.

SAL1/2: Materials from the East Asia Library's Harvard-Yenching and NDC collections, as well as microfilm, may be paged to the East Asia Library only.  Multi-volume sets may be paged to the East Asia Library or to Green Library.

SAL3: Chinese, Japanese, and Korean materials held at SAL3 can only be paged for pickup at Green Library. These materials are not currently available for paging to the East Asia Library.

Please note that any items for which digital access has been enabled through the HathiTrust Emergency Temporary Access Service are not pageable.

To page materials, first locate them in the SearchWorks catalog. Pageable items will show a blue "Request" button near the call number on their SearchWorks record. Materials that do not have this button are not currently available for paging. To page an item, click the "Request" button and follow the instructions given.

Paging service and pickup at the East Asia Library will follow the same policies and procedures as at Green Library.  Eligible users must make an appointment in advance to pick up materials, and follow all guidelines for library entry.

Please contact the East Asia Library circulation desk with any questions.


Joshua Capitanio

Joshua Capitanio

Public Services Librarian, East Asia Library
Bibliographer, East and Southeast Asia (Western languages)
Subject Specialist, Religious Studies