ORCID : Important tool for your professional career

October 21, 2020
ORCID interoperability

Having an ORCID ID enables you to distinguish yourself from others who may have the same name.  An ORCID ID is a persistent identifier that supports your efforts when you change positions, institutions, or even your hame.  Your ORCID record enables you to enter information once for reuse multiple times.  Because ORCID.org is a non-profit organization, your information is not sold.  There is no cost for using ORCID and you control the visibility of your ORCID record.  Automatic updates for your new publications can be sent to your ORCID record, making it easier to keep your information current. 

Stanford has endorsed using ORCID IDs and has integrated them into the Stanford Directory so that they can potentially be used for activities such as streamlining and managing grant paperwork, using shared facilities at Stanford, etc.  Stanford University is a member of ORCID.  Authorize Stanford University as a trusted organization to read your ORCID record: https://authorize.stanford.edu/orcid/

A library guide was created to help users ramp up quickly and use ORCID effectively and efficiently.  This guide includes short videos, tips, links to help information, as well as the ways that you can use your ORCID ID to support your professional efforts. Please see: https://guides.library.stanford.edu/orcid