22 Turk Murphy Jazz arrangements released for worldwide viewing. See the full list here with links.

April 16, 2021
Nathan Coy
Turk Murphy Railroad Blues Musical Score

Recently several musical compositions that Turk Murphy made arrangements of entered public domain. What this means is we can now make these original Turk arrangements available for public viewing online.

The dates underlying compositions would enter public domain were identified by Frank Ferko and Jerry McBride and digitized by the Stanford Libraries Dgitial Production Group during the Charles N. Huggins project. The results of the project can be seen in the San Franicisco Traditional Jazz Foundation exhibit created with the spotlight application. There are multiple versions of some of the newly publicly available arrangements, so you will see some duplicate song titles listed below.


Click on the titles below to view the arrangements:


Alabamy bound  
Dipper mouth blues  
Evolution mama  
Evolution mama  
Flamin' Mamie  
Good time flat blues  
I wish I was in Peoria [i.e. I wish't I was in Peoria]  
Just wait till you see my baby do the Charleston  
Lonesomest girl in town  
My Heart (Will Always Lead Me Back To You)  
My Heart (Will Always Lead Me Back To You)  
The pearls  
The pearls  
Railroad blues  
Railroad blues  
Santa Claus blues  
Shreveport stomp  
Stratford hunch (Chicago break-down)  

Sweet Georgia Brown

The world's jazz crazy  
You can't shush Katie