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Feeling those mid-quarter blues?  Need help getting unstuck?  Talk to one of our expert consultants and get going again.

Our team of librarians and technologists have a wide array of skills and expertise to assist you with your projects.  Are you looking for help with coding, maps, or data this quarter?  Maybe you have questions about Arduinos, Rapsberry Pis, or other micro-controllers and processors?  Not sure which statistical test you should use?  Do you need to borrow workbench tools or make use of a 3D printer?  If this sounds like you, we may have just the expert you are looking for!  Please visit our service page to learn more details about our consultants and the areas we cover.

Some of the most popular topics we support are:
    •    R
    •    Python
    •    GIS/geospatial tools
    •    Statistical consulting
    •    Data management

You can see a full list of the covered areas and make your appointment with your preferred consultant today at our website, Research Consulting.  If you have any questions, please reach out to our team at