Wallscreens launched in Hohbach Hall: visual showcases for SDR content

February 17, 2022
Catherine A. Aster
We See You wallscreen - Labor and Social Justice slideshow start page

We're pleased to formally announce the launch of the two Wallscreens in Hohbach Hall, which went live in January 2022 and feature selected Stanford Libraries content that is preserved in the Stanford Digital Repository. The two screens are titled/thematically focused: Silicon Valley Archives and We See You: Reflection, Recognition, Representation - A Silicon Valley Gallery.

The Wallscreens Project is the culmination of an idea that was germinated by Henry Lowood and Tom Cramer in 2019, to enhance and complement the physical exhibit space planned for Hohbach Hall in Green Library. The project was managed by Digital Library Systems and Services (DLSS), and resulted in a collaboration with 37 SUL staff including the Hohbach curatorial team of Henry Lowood, Spencer Gondorf and Kristen Valenti, alongside the DLSS Access and Discovery team including Chris Beer, Nick Budak, Gary Geisler, Cory Lown, M.A. Matienzo and Camille Villa, and Michael Angeletti of the Stanford Media Preservation Lab.

The Wallscreens application currently supports 3 different “experience” types. In this context, the term “experience” is used to describe a thematically curated, sequenced visual display of digitized library content with accompanying text on a large, interactive wallscreen mounted in a Stanford Libraries public location. The two Wallscreens in Hohbach Hall are the first such instance. A key project deliverable was the creation of the SUL Wallscreens Handbook, a step-by-step guide for curators and other staff involved in the future creation of Wallscreens content.

When you are next on campus and you feel safe to do so, please stop by Hohbach Hall and navigate through the Wallscreens content using the touchscreen features available.

Feedback is most welcome and encouraged. Please use the feedback form, or reach out to Cathy Aster, Henry Lowood, or Kristen Valenti directly with any questions you may have.

A friendly heads up that the final Wallscreens workcycle demo contains a comprehensive overview of the work completed; this is worth watching if you haven't seen it. The demo includes a look at the different experience types, the content selected, and a review of how to interact with the touchscreens. The full list of staff contributors — all integral to the project’s success — is available as a list of credits at the demo’s conclusion.


Cathy Aster

Catherine A. Aster

Senior Digital Library Services Manager, Digital Library Systems and Services
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