Digital editions of Booker T. Washington Papers and Frederick Law Olmsted Papers available online through Rotunda Press

June 21, 2022
Benjamin Lee Stone
Images of Booker T. Washington and Frederick Law Olmsted Papers, Rotunda Press

Stanford Libraries recently acquired two new titles in the American History Collection published by Rotunda (University of Virginia Press): The Booker T. Washington Papers and the Papers of Frederick Law Olmsted.  These digital editions offer fully searchable online versions of these two essential documentary editions.   The Booker T. Washington Papers provide digital access to the complete 14-volume edition of Washington’s correspondence, speeches, and other papers (originally published between 1972 and 1989 by the University of Illinois Press), and the Papers of Frederick Law Olmsted includes the nine volumes of the print edition (published between 1977 and 2020 by Johns Hopkins University Press) and a supplementary volume covering Olmsted’s writings on public spaces, accompanied by extensive illustrations. 

Stanford users may be interested to learn that references to Stanford University appear in both editions; significantly Olmsted provided the architectural foundation for the University in his 1888 master plan and his papers contain key correspondence on the planning of the campus with Leland Stanford; The Booker T. Washington Papers contain a firsthand account of Washington's visit to California in January, 1903, including a visit to Stanford University on January 8, 1903.  

In addition to the Booker T. Washington Papers and the Papers of Frederick Law Olmsted, Stanford Libraries provides access to 22 additional titles in Rotunda's American History collection, ranging from the founding era to the 1960s; Rotunda also includes titles in literature and culture.  A complete list is provided here