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My Tortillas for Valentina, artist's book by Ioulia Akhmadeeva

New exhibition: Ioulia Akhmadeeva, Escrituras de la Memoria (Writings of Memory)

October 2, 2019
by D. Vanessa Kam

New Exhibition at the Bowes Art & Architecture Library
Ioulia Akhmadeeva, Escrituras de la Memoria (Writings of Memory) 
October 3 – November 29, 2019

In Ioulia Akhmadeeva’s artist’s books presented at the Bowes Art & Architecture Library, family stories, migration, and memory are intertwined and narrate how an outward journey mirrors an inward metamorphosis. In these books in particular, the past and family are part of a continual evolution that inform her artistic practice.

Untitled, watercolor on paper, 1997.

Announcing the Archive of Visual Artist Clinton Hill

August 26, 2019
by D. Vanessa Kam

The Bowes Art & Architecture Library and the Department of Special Collections, Stanford Libraries, are pleased to announce the acquisition of the archive of visual artist Clinton Hill (1922–2003). 

Chinese landscape painting

Chinese landscape paintings exhibited at East Asia Library

May 9, 2019
by Joshua Capitanio

From May 11 to May 17, the East Asia Library will host a pop-up exhibition of Chinese landscape paintings produced by students in ART228: The Art of Chinese Landscape Painting, taught by Dr. Felix Chan Lim and Dr. Bobbi Makani-Lim.  The paintings will be displayed in the exhibition cases on the 3rd floor landing.

Snow plow at Cisco

Spotlight on the transcontinental railroad

The completion of the transcontinental railroad on May 10, 1869 marked an important milestone in the history of the United States with the joining of the populated east with the growing cities and towns of the west. Stanford University, with its connection to Leland Stanford and Timothy Hopkins, holds in its libraries an impressive array of materials related to this monumental achievement including the often overlooked contributions of the Chinese railroad workers.

Poster exhibition

"Religion in Manga and Anime" poster exhibition at East Asia Library

March 8, 2019
by Joshua Capitanio

From March 15 - May 3, the East Asia Library will be displaying an exhibition of posters on the topic of "Religion in Manga and Anime" created by students in IntroSems RELIGST 6N, taught by Prof. Michaela Mross of the Dept. of Religious Studies.  An opening reception will be held at the East Asia Library on Thursday, March 14.