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Stanford Libraries launches Taube Archive of the International Military Tribunal at Nuremberg, 1945-46

A screen grab of the Taube Archive website
March 14, 2023
by Lauren Sorensen

The Taube Archive of the International Military Tribunal at Nuremberg, 1945-1946 (IMT) is now available as the result of a partnership between the Stanford Libraries and the Stanford Center for Human Rights and International Justice. This online archive makes available to the global audience digitized versions of the original, unpublished, and complete official record of the IMT.

Data We Love - Day 5

Stanford Libraries. Love Data Week.
February 17, 2023
by Hannah Frost

And here we are at this final post in the "Data We Love" series for #LoveDataStanford during #LoveData23 Week! For all the data curators out there, you will appreciate this example of well-prepared data. Take note, future data depositors! Show your love for your data by taking care to prepare for its use by others!

Presenting “Digitization Exemplars”: a new resource for SUL staff and our collaborators

The header, Digitization Exemplars, appears against a background depicting various tools used as part of the digital imaging process. -
February 2, 2023
by Hannah Frost

Digital Library Systems and Services (DLSS) has published a new reference resource about the work we produce in digitization services: Digitization Exemplars. This exhibit features an array of examples of each of the kinds of materials that we digitally reformat in our various labs.

ePADD version 10 now available

ePADD logo
January 26, 2023
by Sally DeBauche

The Integrating Preservation Functionality into ePADD (or ePADD+) project has officially concluded, and the project team is pleased to share these final announcements.

ePADD version 9 now available

ePADD logo
October 14, 2022
by Sally DeBauche

The ePADD+ Project team is pleased to announce the release of ePADD Version 9.0, along with an update

Making ePADD better together: community testing of Version 9.0 Alpha release

ePADD logo
July 22, 2022
by Sally DeBauche

Following the first Version 9.0 Alpha release from the ePADD+ project, a volunteer group of community testers assembled to exercise the new features and offer feedback on bugs, potential enhancements, and documentation. In past ePADD releases, users were openly invited to use the most recent release and report back through Github issues.

ePADD version 9 alpha now available

ePADD logo
June 29, 2022
by Sally DeBauche

The ePADD+ Phase 4 project team is giddy to announce the alpha release of ePADD Version 9!

Stanford Libraries 2022 #ColorOurCollections

February 8, 2022

Attention all artists and coloring book enthusiasts! The Stanford Libraries 2022 #Color our Collections coloring book is here. Culled from digitized images from Stanford Digital Repository, the coloring book consists of 14 sheets that highlight an eclectic range of subjects and styles from our collection.