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3D scans support students working with SUAC Africa Collections

Wooden sandals (Democratic Republic of the Congo, 20th century) in the Stanford University Archaeology Collections.
December 7, 2021
by Hannah Frost

A pair of wooden sandals carved and worn by Songye people in what is now the Democratic Republic of the Congo, early to mid-20th century (Object IDs 84.599A and 84.599B).

Once again the Digital Production Group (DPG) is partnering with the Stanford University Archaeology Collections (SUAC) team to bring 3D scanning technology into the classroom to enrich the study of artifacts by Stanford students. This autumn we were invited to participate in the class, “African Archive Beyond Colonization”, a seminar co-taught by Dr. Sarah Derbew and Postdoctoral Scholar Denise Lim, who is breaking new ground at Stanford with the Africa Collections Project.

Digital library services news - fall 2021

Digital Library Services News - Fall 2021
November 14, 2021
by Hannah Frost

Contributors to this issue: Cathy Aster,  Hannah Frost, Dinah Handel, Andria Olson and Michael Olson.
As always, we are grateful for our many collaborators! 

Books of folk rhymes by early Chinese immigrants acquired and digitized

Image of Jinshan geji, a collection of folk rhymes by Chinese immigrants
November 11, 2021
by Joshua Capitanio

Stanford Libraries has acquired and digitized three volumes of folk rhymes written by Chinese immigrants, published in San Francisco's Chinatown in the 1910-1920s.

Stanford Libraries welcomes Kabir Hermon, Audio Digitization Specialist

Kabir Hermon
September 13, 2021
by Hannah Frost

It is my delight to share the news that Kabir Hermon is joining the staff of Digital Library Systems and Services as our new Audio Digitization Specialist. Kabir’s first day will be Monday, September 20, and he will be working alongside Geoff Willard and Michael Angeletti at our media preservation facilities on the Stanford Redwood City campus.

Stanford's 1481 'Divine Comedy' Online

Dante Canto 2 decoration
September 2, 2021
by Benjamin L Albritton

In 1987, Stanford Libraries acquired a major collection of materials by, and about, Dante Alighieri. Among these materials were nine 15th-century editions of his Comedia (more familiarly, the Divine Comedy) - editions which are constant highlights in the teaching and learning programs in Special Collections and, because of the familiarity of the text to many students and visitors, in regular use by researchers.

SUL joins international partnership to digitize and make available Chinese rare books

Chinese rare book text close-up
July 13, 2021
by Hannah Frost

Stanford Libraries is embarking on an exciting collaboration with the National Central Library of Taiwan (NCL) to digitize a selection of Chinese rare books in the holdings of the East Asia Library and the Bowes Art & Architecture Library. The scanned titles will be added to the NCL’s Rare Books and Special Collections online database, a significant research resource open to the world for the study of Chinese history and culture.

Everything is data, except when it isn’t

Everything is data, except when it isn't. Except when it isn't, everything is data.
May 20, 2021
by Catherine Nicole Coleman

In April, 2017, I had a debate with David McClure and Karl Grossner — at that time both were Stanford colleagues. They argued that everything is data. I vehemently opposed the notion.

Digital library services news - fall 2020

Digital Library Services News - Fall 2020
November 24, 2020
by Hannah Frost

We are buzzing with activity ~ Read on for the details

Contributors to this issue are: Cathy Aster, Peter Chan, Nicole Coleman, Hannah Frost, Dinah Handel, and Annie Schweikert.  Thanks to our many collaborators!