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Signal Chain: an unconference for media preservation professionals

August 11, 2018
by Hannah Frost

On July 17-18, the Stanford Media Preservation Lab team welcomed a small group of media preservation professionals from around the region and across the country to our home on the Stanford Redwood City campus for two days of “unconferencing". While Stanford has been a leader in media preservation among academic libraries for over a decade, this was our first time hosting a community-oriented event with the goal of advancing our collective work: to ensure ongoing, long-term access to audiovisual recordings of all kinds in the interest of scholarly research, artistic continuity, and the public good.

Photograph showing a man wearing a "KPCB VII World Tour '94" shirt

The Something Ventured Interviews & Stanford's Silicon Valley Archives

August 6, 2018
by Michelle Paquette

This is a guest post from Special Collections Processing Assistant Brian Bethel.


Last month, Stanford Special Collections digitized and made available the collected interview footage  of Something Ventured, a 2011 documentary on the history of venture capital in Silicon Valley. The product of directors Dayna Goldfine and Daniel Geller, Something Ventured features extensive interviews with Silicon Valley luminaries such as Gordon Moore, Don Valentine, Arthur Rock, Sandy Lerner, and Nolan Bushnell. Stanford's Something Ventured collection (M2289) contains over 50 hours of raw interview footage with the film’s 15 interviewees, all available to stream on the Special Collections website.
The Something Ventured collection is one of the latest projects of the Stanford Libraries' Silicon Valley Archives, the world’s most significant repository of materials related to the history and development of Silicon Valley. With hundreds of archival holdings, the Silicon Valley Archives contains historic firsthand material on topics such as personal computing, microprocessors, integrated circuits, recombinant DNA, and video game technology, all available to Stanford affiliates and the general public alike. For more information on the Silicon Valley Archives, contact Henry Lowood, Curator for History of Science & Technology Collections.
Anyone interested in learning more about the history of Silicon Valley would do well to check out Silicon Valley Archives Project Historian and Stanford alumna Leslie Berlin’s 2017 Troublemakers: Silicon Valley’s Coming of Age, a history of Silicon Valley’s technological and entrepreneurial innovations of the 1970s and 1980s. Additionally, the book features Something Ventured interviewees such as Mike Markkula, Nolan Bushnell, Don Valentine, and Arthur Rock.
For those interested in diving even deeper into the history of Silicon Valley innovation and venture capital, Stanford holds additional archival and bibliographic materials for a number of the venture capitalists and entrepreneurs interviewed in Something Ventured. Below are nine Something Ventured interviewees with additional materials held by the Silicon Valley Archives and Stanford University Libraries.
Continue reading for profiles of selected interviews.
Latvian collaborators visit the Stanford Media Preservation Lab

Partners at the Museum of the Occupation of Latvia visit SMPL

June 4, 2018
by Hannah Frost

The Stanford Media Preservation Lab (SMPL) team was thrilled to host Evita Feldentāle and Lelde Neimane, our partners in the Museum of the Occupation of Latvia audiovisual archive project, on May 31 at SMPL’s facilities in Redwood City.  Lelde is the archive curator and oral historian, while Evita is responsible for developing detailed descriptions, including English abstracts, for each of the 4,000 recorded oral histories in the archive. Through a multi-year project between the Museum and Stanford Libraries, this unique collection has been digitized for preservation and access at Stanford. All of the project work has been done in a distributed fashion between our respective locations plus the digitization vendor's facility, so it is a genuine treat to meet together as a team!

Liu Yi, "Chaos Theory"

New works of Chinese video art added to Stanford Libraries' collections

March 7, 2018
by Joshua Capitanio

In honor of International Women's Day, as part of our librarians' efforts to collect more work representing women's contributions to contemporary Chinese art, Stanford Libraries has recently acquired 21 works of experimental video art from the prestigious ShanghART gallery in Shanghai.  The pieces were produced by three female artists, Liu Yi 刘毅, Lin Yuqi 林钰玘, and Liang Yue 梁玥.  

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Happy Thanksgiving!

November 14, 2017
by Laszlo Jakusovszky

To help while you're relaxing on the couch in post-turkey bliss, the Media & Microtext Center is happy to announce we're extending DVD borrowing over Thanksgiving week!

Starting 11/11 audio-visual materials will be due Mon 11/27.

Remember there's no limit on the number of DVDs, Blu-rays, videogames, etc., you can check out. Enjoy!

- The Media & Microtext Center in Cecil H. Green Library

Cine Accion 2004

Cine Acción, a Window into Latino Film History

September 26, 2017
by Adan Griego

San Francisco Bay Area cinephiles can enjoy an ongoing series of film festivals throughout the year showcasing a variety of themes (animation, film noir, LGBT, silent film) that supplement mainstream commercial productions. Latino movies are no exception.

In 1980 Cine Acción was founded in San Francisco “on the principle that Latin American cinema must be promoted in the United States and that Latinos in the U.S. must be actively encouraged to produce media.” It became one of the pioneering independent film festivals in the United States and for over 25 years Cine Acción captured a creative energy that provided a space for unheard Latino film voices.