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Friendship book

To our friends

February 11, 2020
by David A Jordan

This is a typical but nonetheless remarkable example of an album amicorum or stammbuch, a book of friends or autograph book.  Primarily intended to record friendships, these manuscripts also collected commonplace and unusual quotations from literature, especially poetry.

Building Bridges - Increasing Collaboration Between MSI and PWI Professionals - Trending at SUL - January 2020

Authenticity Project wrap-up: 2019 in review - by guest author Raquel Donahue

February 11, 2020
by Catherine A. Aster

This is my third guest blog post for Stanford Libraries’ Digital Library Blog at the invitation of Cathy Aster, a Product and Service Manager in Digital Library Systems and Services (DLSS) at Stanford University, who was my assigned Conversation Partner in the inaugural 2019 cohort of the Authenticity Project organized by CLIR/DLF and the HBCU Library Alliance.

Ogonek No. 2 (1968)

Databases of the week: Slavic and Eastern European databases

February 10, 2020
by Margarita Nafpaktitis

Winston Churchill began his BBC Radio broadcast on Ocrtober 1st, 1939 by declaring: “I cannot forecast to you the action of Russia. It is a riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma; but perhaps there is a key.”*  Scroll down to the bottom of this post to find out what he thought the key was, but in the meantime, Stanford Libraries provide access to a wide array of online resources to help students and researchers find their own keys to the conundrum of a country that is still very much in the news.  Here are just a few of my favorites:

How to find streaming archival sound recordings in Searchworks

February 7, 2020
by Nathan Coy

Recently, at the Archive of Recorded Sound we have had discussions with many students about finding more than just the expected in Searchworks. In this case digitized archival sound recordings. Many of the sound recordings we work to preserve and provide access to are available streaming to the Stanford community and a few are even available to anyone interested in the world. Following are two video tutorials on how to filter search results to streaming archival sound recordings in Searchworks.

Technical reports

Databases of the week: let's get technical with tech reports

February 4, 2020
by Zac Painter

Technical reports are a form of the “grey literature” which is extremely important for researchers in a variety of fields. While most technical reports aren’t strictly “academic work”, they often contain valuable information for researchers. Finding technical reports can be tricky, and there are no real standards for how they can be accessed. Nonetheless, we have a few suggestions for you!

Larry Dahl

Larry Dahl announces retirement

February 4, 2020
by Brian Kerrick

This week, Larry Dahl announced he will retire at the end of February culminating an impressive 47-year legacy with the Stanford Libraries. Larry, or “Stackman” as he is affectionately known, first set foot on campus in 1973 as a graduate student studying Chemistry. While working towards his Ph.D., he wrote two major publications in the Journal of Chemical Physics. At the end of 1980, he began working with the Stanford Libraries as an hourly student worker where he was one of the book movers who moved collections into the newly completed East Wing of Green Library.