Earth Science Collections & Guides

The library began as the 5,000 volume private collection of John Casper Branner -- and is now a comprehensive collections of rare maps, faculty publications, and key research in the earth and environmental sciences. Within our collections of 125,000 volumes, we also house the following collections:

Main Collection
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Earth Science Collections
Stephen H. Schneider Collection
John Casper Branner Collection
Earl Brabb Oil Well Log Collection
Stanford Geological Survey Map and Field Notebook Collection
U.S. Geological Survey (USGS)
California Geological Survey
Stanford School of Earth Science Theses and Dissertations

Locked Stacks Collections
Richard Jahns Collection Faculty Publication Collection
Joseph Perrin Smith Malacology Collection
Montessus di Ballore Earthquake and Seismology Collection
William R. Moran Geology and Map Collection

Map Collections
Collection of Classroom Wall Maps
Sanborn Fire Insurance Maps
Soviet Military Topographic Map Sets
Stanford Geological Survey
Historic Map Collections
Aerial Photographs
Loma Prieta Earthquake Map Collection
AAA Road Map Collection
Japanese Military Map Collection

GIS Data Collections
San Francisco Bay Area Geospatial Data
Geospatial Data Portal