NYT Bestsellers & Children's Books

Not only does Branner have a wide range of scholarly materials, but we also have earth and environmental science-related titles from the New York Times Bestsellers list and other popular science writing, as well as children's books on earth and environmental subjects. 

Children's Books at Branner

  1. Laura Scott Griffin ; illustrated by Fred Folger. 2021

  2. Volker Mehnert ; illustrated by Claudia Lieb ; translated by Becky L. Crook. 2019

  3. Thiago de Moraes. 2019

  4. adapted by Rebecca Stefoff ; with illustrations by Teagan White. 2018

  5. curated and illustrated by Chris Wormell ; written by Lily Murray ; this books was produced in consultations with Dr. Jonathan Tennant ; preface by Paul Sereno. 2018

  6. Seymour Simon. 2018

  7. Kathleen Krull and Paul Brewer ; illustrated by Frank Morrison. 2018

  8. Dougal Dixon ; illustrated by Hannah Bailey. 2018

  9. Adam Voiland. 2017