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A  AAPG explorer HD9502 .U5A4
 Acta geologica polonica 550.5 .A185
 Acta micropalaeontologica sinica QE719 .W37
 Acta petrologica et mineralogica QE367.2 .Y44
 Acta sedimentologica sinica QE571 .C49
 American Association of Petroleum Geologists. AAPG explorer HD9502 .U5A4
 American Association of Petroleum Geologists. Bulletin 553.2806 .A572
 American Ceramic Society. Bulletin 666.06 .A51b
 American Journal of Science 505 .A512
 American mineralogist 549.05 .A513
   ARC news G70.2 .A68
 ARC user G70.2 .A723A69
 Arctic. Journal of the Arctic institute of North America G600 .A695
 Association of Engineering geologists. Annual meeting. TA705 .A1A73
 AusIMM Bulletin TN1 .A14 
*  Australian journal of mineralogy QE351 .A97
 Australian society of exploration geophysicists. Preview. TN269 .P74F
 Austrian journal of earth sciences 550.6 .G365
B  Boletin geologico y minero 554.6 .S73
 Bollettino geofisico n.s. QE1 .B58
*  Brigham Young Univ., Provo, Utah. Dept. of  Geology. Geology studies  550.5 .B855
 Bulletin of Canadian petroleum geology 553.2806 .A333
*  Bulletin of the Earthquake Research Institute, University of Tokyo 551.206 .T646
C  Canadian mineralogist 549.05 .C212
*  Caribbean journal of science 506 .C277
 Cartographic perspectives GA101 .C334
 Chishitsugaku zasshi = Journal of the Geological Society of Japan 550.6 .G335
 Clay science 553.6 .lC622
 Clays and clay minerals: Journal of the Clay Minerals Society 553.61 .N277
 CSPG - Canadian Society of Petroleum Geologists. Reservoir TN860 .C76
E  Earth Evolution Sciences, U. of Tsukuba QE1 .E27
 Earth magazine 550.5 .G355
 Earth science. Journal of China University of Geosciences QE1 .T45
 Earthquake research in China QE531 .C49
 Elements: an international magazine of mineralogy…. QE351 .E44
 Engineering and mining journal 620.5 .E5721
 Environmental and engineering geoscience TA705 .A82a
 Episodes 550.6 .I66g  
 European geologist QE260 .E89f
 European journal of mineralogy QE351 .E868  
*  Exchanges: newsletter of the climate variability and predictability programme(CLIVAR) QC981.8 .C5E9
 Explore.  Association of Exploration Geochemists. Newsletter QE514 .E96
 Exploration geophysics  QC801 .A85
 G  GPS world VK562 .G68
 Geochronique QE268 .G456   
 Geologica Belgica  550.6 .S6791
 Geologia Croatica QE287.8 .G45
 Geological bulletin of China QE294 .C4975
 Geological Society of America. Bulletin 550.6 .G345   
 Geological Society of America. GSA today QE1 .G452
 Geologiia i geofizika 554.7 .G343
 Geology QE1 .G43
 Geology and mineral resources of South China QE294 .C56
 Geophysics 550.5 .G35
 Geosciences/ BRGM QE1 .G59
*  Geotectonic research 551.805 .G352
 Geothermal resources council. Bulletin HD9682 .U53G3
*  Globe magazine QE348.2 .G56
 H  Hart's E&P TN860 .P43
I  ICMJ's prospecting and mining journal TN1 .I5
*  Indian journal of petroleum geology TN876 .I4I53
 International geology review 550.5 .I59
 Irish journal of earth sciences QE1 .J67
 Italian Journal of Geosciences 550.6 .S678
J  Japanese magazine of mineralogical and petrological sciences (Ganseki kaobutsu…) 549.06 .M667
 Jokull GB2496 .I3J63
 Journal of coastal research : JCR QH541.5 .C65J68
 Journal of earthquake and tsunami  QE531 .J682
 Journal of environmental and engineering geophysics QC801 .J687
 Journal of foraminiferal research QL368 .F6J6     
 Journal of geodesy and geodynamics=da di ce liang yu di qiu dong li xue. QE537.2 .C6T55F
 Journal of geoscience education 550.5 .J857
 Journal of geology 550.5 .J86
 Journal of glaciology 551.305 .J86
 Journal of Iberian geology QE283 .A185
 Journal of map & geography libraries GA192 .J68
 Journal of micropaleontology QE719 .J65
 Journal of mineralogical and petrological sciences 549.06 .J352
 Journal of paleontology 560.05 .J86
Journal of Petroleum Technology 665.505 .J86
 Journal of petrology 552.05 .J84
 Journal of seismic exploration TN871.35 .J6
 Journal of the Geological Society of Japan 550.6 .G335
 Journal of vertebrate paleontology QE741 .J6
 JPL 665.505 .J86
L  Leading edge TN269 .G414
 Lithosphere QE511.4  .L584
M  MeteoWorld. World meteorological organization. QC851 .M46
 Mineralogical record QE351 .M46
 Mining engineering 622.06 .A512c
N  National geographic   - Latest volume only! G1 .N27
 Near surface geophysics QE511 .N42
 Neues Jahrbuch fur Mineralogie. Abhandlungen 550.5 .N481BA
 New Mexico earth matters QE143 .N472
 New South Wales. Geological Survey. Quarterly notes    TN122 .N5Q37
 Northern miner 338.205 .N874
O  Ofioliti QE461 .O6O13
 Oil and gas journal 553.2805 .O39   
 Oil geophysical prospecting  (Shih yu ti ch'iu wu li k'an t'an)  TN271 .P4S55
P  Pacific petroleum geology newsletter 553.2805 .P1117
 Paleontological Society of Japan. Paleontological research 560.06 .P156
 Petroleum science (Univ. of Petroleum, China) TN876 .C5P49
   Petroleum geoscience TN870.5 .P46
 Petrologiia. Russian QE420 .P48
 Petrophysics 622.338 .L6
 Photogrammetric engineering and remote sensing       620.0582 .P574
 Pipeline and gas journal 620.5 .A512  
   Polish geological institute. Geological quarterly 554.38 .K98
 Puerto Rico, University. Faculty of Arts and Sciences. Caribbean journal of science 506 .C277
Q  Quaternaire: international journal of the French  Quaternary Association.  551.79 .A850
R  Radiocarbon 550.1 .R129
 Recent developments in world seismology QE537.2 .C6K85
 Reservoir - CSPG TN860 .C76
 Revista brasileira de geofisica. Brazilian journal of geophysics QE500 .R49
*  Revista geofisica QC801 .R36
 Rock and mineral analysis  QE367.2 .Y45
 Rocks and minerals 549.05 .R683
S  SEG newsletter QE1 .S44
 Seismology and geology QE537.2 .C6T52
 Shale shaker 550.5 .S528
 Skillings' mining review 622.05 .S628
 Societa geologica Italiana. Bollettino. 550.6 .S678
 Societe Geologique de France. Bulletin 550.6 .S68
 Society of Economic Geologists. SEG newsletter QE1 .S44
 Soil science 630.5 .S68
 South African Journal of Geology 550.6 .G35
T  TAO : Terrestrial, atmospheric and oceanic sciences QC801 .T36
 Ti ch'en ti chih  (Seismology and geology) QE537.2 .C6T52
*  Unconventional Oil & Gas Report 553.2805 .O39u
 University of Petroleum, China. Petroleum science TN876 .C5P49
*  University of Tokyo. Earthquake research institute. Bulletin  551.206 .T646
W  Waterkeeper TD419 .W38
 Wei t'i ku sheng wu hsueh pao (Acta micropalaeontologica sinica) QE719 .W37
 Western pacific earth sciences 550.6 .G3224
 World meteorological organization. Bulletin QC851 .W63
 World oil 553.2805 .O6 
X  Yen k'uang ts'e shih (Rock and mineral analysis) QE367.2 .Y45
Y  Yan kuang ce shi = Journal of rock and mineral analysis QE367.2 .Y45
 Yen shih k'uang wu hsueh tas chih (Acta petrologica et mineralogica) QE367.2 .Y44
Z ZDGG. Zeitschrift der Deutschen gesellschaft fur geo…. 550.6 .D48