Endowed Funds

The library has been the fortunate recipient of several endowed funds.

Douglas Goodan Memorial Library Fund (bookplate pending)

The Goodan Fund was established in 2008 in memory of Douglas Goodan by his family "for the acquisition and preservation of library materials in whatever format...that relate to geographic or cartographic materials." 

Cecil H. and Ida M. Green Fund

The Cecil H. and Ida M. Green Fund was established in 1992 in honor of Cecil Green's 92nd birthday.  The fund was started by School of Earth Sciences faculty member Gary Ernst and School of Engineering faculty member Robert Street.  Dr. Green was an expert in exploration geophysics and helped pioneer the application of seismic waves in petroleum prospecting.  He held a consulting professorship at Stanford and served on the School's Advisory Board.  Together the Greens endowed a number of fellowships and professorships.  They were the principal donors to the Cecil H. Green Library and endowed the Ida M. Green Directorship for the Stanford University Libraries.  The School of Earth Sciences Research Building is named for Dr. and Mrs. Green.

Margaret and Leo Hertlein Fund

The Margaret and Leo Hertlein Fund was endowed in 1981 for the purchase of books in the field of geology, paleontology and conchology.  Leo Hertlein was a well-known geologist, conchologist, and paleontologist who obtained his Master’s degree in 1923 and his Ph.D. in 1929 entitled, “The geology and paleontology of the Pliocene of San Diego, California.  A number of his works were published in the Proceedings of the California Academy of Sciences. 

Glenn B. Martineau Fund

The Glenn B. Martineau Fund was established in 1989 by Louisa G. Martineau in honor of her husband.  Its purpose is to support research in the field of economic geology ore deposits including gold, silver, and petroleum. 

Glen McLaughlin Map Reference Library Fund

McLaughlin bookplate

The McLaughlin Fund was established in 2010 to support the acquisition and preservation of cartographic reference and research materials.  This fund was set up in conjunction with the acquisition of McLaughlin's collection of California as an Island maps.  The maps number approximately 800 in total and primarily range in date from 1622 to the mid-1700's.  The collection includes hemisphere, world maps, title pages, celestial charts and ephemera. 

Kurt Servos Library Book Fund

The Servos fund was established in 2008 at part of Kurt Servos's trust to support the acquisition of books and literature related to mineralogy, crystallography and volcanology.  Mr. Servos joined Stanford University as an assistant professor of mineralogy in 1957.  He left Stanford and went to New Jersey to run the family store.  In 1967 he returned to teach at Menlo College in Atherton where he stayed until his retirement in 1994.  Mr. Servos passed away in 2007.

Hobart Young Map Fund

The Hobart Young Map Fund was established in 1963 to purchase maps and atlases for the University Library.   The fund was set up by Mrs. Young in honor of her husband, Hobart.