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SE3 History Archive

Notable Biographies


John Casper Branner (July 4, 1850 – March 1, 1922)

John Casper Branner

A Name that Rattles the West

From the fields, to the classroom, and finally into the library archives, the name of John Casper Branner is well known and respected on Stanford’s campus and all across California. His work in the field of geology -- specifically his coverage and research on the great 1906 San Francisco earthquake -- guides aspiring scientists to follow in his footsteps in making vast impact in world of earth sciences.


W. Gary Ernst

W. Gary Ernst

Draped in Honors and Accomplishments

Having had a past filled with distinguished honors and groundbreaking discoveries, W. Gary Ernst continues to be leader in the field of Geology.

Allan V. Cox at the dedication of the Hartley Conference Center.

Allen V. Cox

Iconic Professor’s influence still present even in death.

With a lack of motivation to continue studying chemistry, Allen V. Cox shifts his interests into the field of geology, sparking the fuel of what would be a life of ground breaking discoveries and innovation.

Siemon W. Muller

Professor Siemon Muller as a civilian adviser in the military geology unit of the USGS, standing near an ice wedge in permafrost.

In Honor of Mr. Yosemite…

Loved by many of his students and having been an idol to many, Siemon Muller’s warmth stands out in the heat of a California Summer.

Henry Ramey

Hank Ramey, Circa, 1938 Curious to venture out and explore where his knowledge would take him, Henry J. Ramey put his theories to the test and established a career filled with many honors and accomplishments in chemical and petroleum engineering.

Bailey Willis

 Professor Emeritus Bailey Willis with an early Earthquake engineering model in San Francisco, circa, 1940 Having been a professor that more than once received standing ovations at the end of his lectures, Bailey Willis was known for establishing strong bonds with his students and humility when receiving and giving criteria.Having been a professor that more than once received standing ovations at the end of his lectures, Bailey Willis was known for establishing strong bonds with his students and humility when receiving and giving criteria.

Cyrus Fisher Tolman

Cyrus Fisher Tolman near the Claremont Formations in the hills of Berkely Known for his restlessness when his mind is set on his research, Cyrus Fisher Tolman explored the west in in search of groundbreaking discoveries.

Jon Claerbout

Leading the way in the field of geophysics, Jon Clarebout, the Cecil Green Professor Emeritus of Geophysics, continues inspiring generations succeeding his through his witty and clever publications

Khalid Aziz

With a flaring passion in petroleum engineering, Emeritus Professor Khalid Aziz leads the way in his respective field to develop robust and reliable models for predicting the performance of hydrocarbon reservoirs and carbon-dioxide sequestration operations. 

Andre Journel

Andre Journel Using his love for mathematics to create models of space-time distributed phenomena found in Earth Sciences; Andre Journel hopes to find the answers to resolve environmental issues such as pollution spread and urban growth.

Ruth Wattis Mitchell Building

The Ruth Wattis Mitchell Earth Sciences Building was named after Ruth Wattis Mitchell, dedicated on November 19 of the year 1970.

Architects followed the spencer design, constructing the building with concrete and glass along with the classic cardinal red tile roof